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Home Remodel: Den to Office

So if you’ve been a reader of AntosDoesLife for a bit of time, you know that we have a house that’s just a little over a year old.

We bought this about 8 months prior to getting married and it was probably the best idea ever.

We were not fans of renting, especially because we felt that it was a waste of our money if we were just going to be married a few months later and looking for our own home. So needless to say we jumped right into home ownership and have never looked back.

Recently I’ve picked up the DIY bug, thanks to Pinterest and my local Goodwill.

I wanted to showcase some of my projects.

First up, glass vase turned black.

I picked up a vase similar to this at Goodwill for $2:

I unfortunately didn’t have a before picture.

After a can of black matte spray pain…voila!


~ ~ ~

Up next, I turned some basic bulletin boards into some colorful wall art with a little bit of fabric.


~ ~ ~

Another one of my favorites…simple mason jars turned into vintage vases.


A little acrylic pain and some sandpaper made these awesome.

~ ~ ~

And for a new summer wreath…


$4 wood wreath, $5 worth of flowers, $2 cardboard letter, $3 can of white spray paint = awesome wreath that can be changed with the seasons!

~ ~ ~

And to fill the void above our TV…

photo (18)

Very old picture…previous TV stand.

I made these letters…


Wood letters, white spray pain, black spray paint and sanding…


I love them!

~ ~ ~

And finally, we’re almost completely finished with one room! We painted the den and turned it into an “office”. It was brown before and wayyy too dark…


So we lightened it up a bit…


Ahh! I love it!

We plan to buy a chair for the corner and put some more pictures and what not on the walls.

I also made those buckets, hung by a shower curtain on the wall. They were $1 in the Target dollar bin and I used a can of silver spray pain to the pain them. You could paint them any color but I thought silver would look great with the room.

I also plan to buy a filing cabinet (hopefully from Goodwill or Craigslist) and do something like this…

For the office!!

I LOVE this idea. And it’s so unique compared to just a black filing cabinet. We definitely need one to organize all of our bills, documents, and statements.

Mike doesn’t like how bright it is, but I think a little bit of a pale yellow would be perfect!

~ ~ ~

I definitely did not consider myself a DIY’er, but I absolutely love doing it! And it’s so easy and cheap if you have a vision and inspiration! Spray paint and sandpaper are my new best friends!

I can’t wait to continue to make our house a home!

2 thoughts on “Home Remodel: Den to Office”

  1. Wow these are all so cool. I can’t wait to start DIYing my own stuff. I’m starting (to try) and budget. I am decently good at it, but haven’t had to buy a lot of household stuff I suppose.

  2. The place looks AWESOME! Not only do I love everything that you’ve added, but I love that you’re watching your wedding 🙂 Love the hanging buckets!! Totally makes me wish Travis and I could afford a downpayment right now…

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