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4 Days Out

Hey guys!

4 days out from the Pittsburgh marathon and I’m all over the place. My training has not been consistent by any means. Working shift work makes getting my long runs and work outs in hard. Who wants to get up and run when you get off at 2 AM and then have to go back for 2 PM. Those are the days the bed wins.

That being said, I don’t really have any goals per say for this marathon. I’m running with my friend John who wants to go sub 4:00. I have done this before (PR of 3:57) but conditions were perfect for me; raining, cool, cloudy. This weekend they’re calling for this…


71 and cloudy on Sunday. Not terrible, but not ideal. It’s going to be warm to say the least.

I would love to go sub 4:00 again, but I don’t know whether that will happen. My two longest runs of training were 16 miles and 20 miles, that’s it. Other than that…nothing more than 12. I’m not really worried, I’ve run 26 before and I can definitely do it again.

I would like to just make it through it and enjoy the experience of running with someone else. We ran 20 in around 3:00, so sub 4 isn’t terribly unrealistic, but again it will all depend on how the day goes.

~ ~ ~

Also, shout out to my husband and my sister!!

My husband Mike will be running the first leg of the marathon relay of about 5.5 miles. He has never been a runner by any means, but always a swimmer. Over the past several weeks he has been building himself up to run the 5.5 miles. The other day he ran 5.5 miles on the treadmill! I have never been so proud! Maybe he’ll keep it up after the marathon relay…but probably not.

Also, my sister has lost almost 40 pounds!!!

She’s so purdy!

She is also running the marathon relay and will be doing the hardest leg, the 4.5 miles uphill into Oakland!

She has been doing so well with her weight loss and exercise, I have never been more proud of her.

So good luck to both of them this weekend!!!

3 thoughts on “4 Days Out”

  1. WAIT?! Mike swam?!?!?! In the Pittsburgh area?!?! Did we swim each other?! Probably! And I’ll be trudging my way through the half on Sunday…with no training whatsoever. Thank goodness the cut-off is 3.5 hours. And my sissy and future hubby are doing a relay together! So proud of Alexis..I wanna be like her!

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