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The Cone of Shame

I’m at work….shhhhhh don’t tell anyone!

This is from my iPad, so bear with me!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m working until 10 pm, but had yesterday off. I spent it doing absolutely nothing. Well I did somethings but not much. I started the day off by dropping this guy off at the vet…


Yesterday was his snip snip day, to be polite and he did very well apparently. I spent the morning while he was there doing some 800 repeats on the treadmill (fastest at 7:30) and then lifted. I am really starting to get into lifting, specifically my arms and legs. I love leg day but I am so sore…but I try not to do it if I have a big run planned in the two days after that.

I called at around 11 to see if I could pick Goose up, but they said he’d have to wait until 2:00 because he was just waking up. Poor pup. So I showered, and then spent the rest of the day on the couch watching this gem on Netflicks…


Damn you Netflicks for your great Original Series. This reminds me of Homeland, but not really. Whatever, it’s great!

I then watched Pitt basketball lose to Wichita State. What a shame.

I then picked up my pup and he was sooooo out of it…


What a babe. He refused to sleep all afternoon and just stared off into space.

I then had some guy from Safelite come to my house and tell me I need a new windshield…


Damn Penna TurnPike. Now they’ll be out at my house Monday and replacing my windshield, and it will only cost me $100. Thank goodness for that insurance I pay for.

After that, me and the pup just lounged around until everyone came home. I ended up putting the cone of shame on Goose because he started biting his incision. Bad pup. He did better than I excepted with the cone but was still so out of it that he would get stuck somewhere with the cone and just stand there for 5 minutes and stare at whatever was in front of him.


I was bizarre. He’s doing better today and is totally back to his Vizsla self. I love it!!

And here’s a funny for Friday because you know I love funnies!


4 thoughts on “The Cone of Shame”

  1. UGH for your car. That happened with my brothers but because it was small enough, they were able to melt the crack into the windsheild pretty easily (and much cheaper). Awe for Goose in the cone too. I remember my when dog had one of those.

    Finally…that turtle. LOLZ

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