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Scattered Funnies

What up guys. The weather in Pittsburgh is just awful today. Apparently we got a “late winter storm” and it’s bringing with it freezing rain, snow flurries, and blustery conditions. I worked last night and luckily the storm started after 11 PM, well after I had been home. I was far away yesterday so I was grateful for the timing of the weather.

Today I’m working “night shift” but really only 5PM – 2AM, so it’s not a full night shift. Monday’s always suck but it is what it is in the ED.

Speaking of that, a lot of people who work in medicine, specifically in the ED complain a whole heck of a lot about the type of patient’s that come in. I would say that about 75% of the people who come to the ED can be seen by their family physician or in the Urgent Care setting. However, some people don’t realize this, can’t get in to see their PCP, or just don’t give a crap and show up at the ED. Many staff members will complain when they see people checking in with stupid complaints, which got me to thinking yesterday. If we’re scheduled to work, and we’re getting paid to work, whether or not we’re busy…does it really mater what kind of people who come in?  I have found that complaining or whining about your job just makes your day worse. The patient’s are already here, there’s nothing you can do to change that, suck it up and move on. Alright, off my medicine soap box.

Funny #1:


Here’s one of my scattered funnies. I find the most random shit on Pinterest that cracks me up.

Running wise I ran 10 miles on Friday, three on Saturday, and four today. I have been lifting like a mad woman too…ok, maybe 3 or 4 days a week, but I’m wanting to get myself toned and stronger. I have been lifting heavier weights than normal. I read a pretty interesting article that I found again, on Pinterest (seriously, what else do you do when you’re slow at work?) that gave a bunch of reasons why guys lose weight faster than women. Guys lift heavy. Generally they find the most impressive looking weight and watch themselves in the mirror. They also backed it up with a study that showed that women who lifted heavy did not show an increase in the girth of their arms, but a decrease in the amount of fat! TAKE THAT!

Funny #2:

photo (1)

Alexis said this is totally her when she’s talking to me on the computers. HOW RUDE.

I’m still undecided about the Pittsburgh Marathon, but still leaning more towards the full. If Pittsburgh weather would only cooperate and not spit this crap at us all March that would be great.

I have my follow up appointment with my oral surgeon today in about an hour. I am pretty sure there is still a piece of bone or tooth up there that is killing me at night when I’m eating. I’m curious to see what he’s going to say today. Hopefully my gums will just heal over it and he won’t have to pull it. Fingers crossed!

Funny #3:

photo (2)

This one is totally me. I do this all the time when I have to travel far away. Unfortunately Speedi (my Garmin) always wins.

I totally put my dog on the treadmill today. He didn’t quite freak out, but he didn’t really want to walk. We’re going to have to work on that one. That will come in super handy when he’s driving me crazy and barking at the wall for no reason.

Funny #4:

photo (3)

This reminds me of my friend Mark. This is just something he would totally do.

Mike’s brother and his wife had a baby girl this weekend. They named her Kenzie Elizabeth. I am officially an aunt, whereas with their first child I was “almost Aunt Nikki”. I have not met her yet but I FaceTimed with her! I was her first! That’s gotta be some type of accomplishment here!


What a cutie!

I am going to Philly in April! My best friend Micah attends Law school out there and I will be spending a weekend there in April to have some fun. She will be done with finals so we can take full advantage of the city and drinking…and guys who like to pay for drinks…for married people. I am rambling now. I am excited! We’re hopefully going to go to Speak Easy, which I’m still not really sure I understand fully what that entails but nonetheless am excited. I am nervous as all hell because this is my first time flying alone. I have only flown twice and they have all been with Mike. I am going to need a tour guide to get me through the Pittsburgh airport…and you can just forget Philly.

Funny #5:

photo (4)

I died when I saw this. This is me most of the time when I bake.

Alright, I better go shower and mentally prepare for my appointment. Worst case scenario, he numbs me up and takes that piece out. Best case, it just stays there! Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Scattered Funnies”

  1. Your wisdom tooth might be infected. I had two of mine that ended up getting infected and it kind of felt like something was stuck in there, like a piece of food or something. The treatment wasn’t bad. A trip to the dentist for an inspection, some cleaning, and antibiotics.

    I’m no dentist, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

  2. Kenzie is such a cutie pie! Congrats to you, Aunt Nikki ;)!! This weather has been nuts on the Eastern Shore, too! I was at the beach in a long sleeve T (with wind) on Saturday and then it snowed yesterday and today! I’m sick of it!

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