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A Bit ‘O Thinkin’

Hey guys. I have been in struggle city the past few days.

I am having a hard time motivating myself to get outside and run. I’m currently training for the Pittsburgh Marathon, but I’m honestly contemplating switching down to the half. Training for a marathon while working shift-work, let alone overnight shift work has just been really taxing on my body. I will work 3 days of 2PM-2AM and then expect myself to get up and log 17 miles. It’s just not happening.

I feel almost like a huge failure if I switch from the full to the half, but I also know that I’ve already completed 4 marathons and that is an accomplishment in itself. Running a half is an accomplishment too! I’m really thinking about it, but promised myself to wait until the weather breaks to see if I don’t want to run the 26. I generally enjoy spring weather, I just need it to get here like, yesterday.

So until then I’ve decided to scale it back, while still maintaining some longer runs. I only did 10 Friday instead of the scheduled 17. Life happens, running doesn’t, things go on.

~ ~ ~

I have also recently been neglecting taking care of me, and now I’m paying for it. I have been eating some what healthy, exercising almost daily, and trying to get my sleep on normal, but I’m obviously not trying as good as I should be.

I have a severely sore shoulder/neck muscle on the left that will not leave me alone. I have tried a TENS unit, stretching, and Motrin and nothing is getting rid of this thing! I had this also about a week before my wedding and it was awful. I’m actually thinking about getting a massage to see if that will help at all. I have a gift care and need to use it anyways!

I also feel like I’m coming down with something but that could just be the crappy neck. Honestly this work schedule has me feeling like I got hit by a bus!

~ ~ ~

In other news, Mike and I worked on our den and actually got it to look somewhat like an office!


A bookshelf from Ikea and a desk is all it takes! That table will be replaced with a big comfy chair soon! Smile

Anyways, that’s all I have to update. Life has been simple recently and non too exciting. But here’s some funny texts from Dog…



6 thoughts on “A Bit ‘O Thinkin’”

  1. Hi, Nikki! New reader here 🙂

    If your heart really isn’t in training for the full, I think that switching to the half is much braver than slogging through the original plan. Long distance running is SO much more mental than phyiscal. 4 fulls + 1 half is a HUGE accomplishment!

  2. Batdog hahaha. Honestly, I think it’s smart of you to see how the training goes, but if your heart/body aren’t in it, it may be smart to switch to the half! Don’t want to run yourself too low and risk injury! Hoping for spring to show up soon!!

  3. You’re not a failure for switching to the half! You just know what you need and you’re paying attention to how you feel. Taking care of yourself is more important!

  4. Either race is an accomplishment! Maybe this upcoming weekend’s weather will change your mind. I think there is “the funk” in the air. I am fretting over every ache, soreness, (and snowflake) sure that it will keep me off the half training track! I am sure a bit of nice weather and sunshine will help. Good Luck!

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