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Oh Canada

Hey guys! Back in the good ‘ole U S of A and it never felt better.

We took a 5 day trip (2 days of travel, 3 days of skiing) to Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada.

And yes it does look that magical in person.

It took us about 12 hours to actually get there. On the way we made a few stops, first one being at Tim Horton’s for the first time…


Got some coffee, a sandwich and a cookie there which definitely made the last 6 hours more bearable.


And this…hour 12 of the “picture every hour” tradition.

Once we got to Quebec (the French speaking part of Canada), we realized that we could not communicate well, or basically at all with people who only speak French. Apparently, some of the people who live up here speak both French and English, but refuse to speak in English unless they absolutely have to. How rude.

Try ordering McDonalds when the person taking your order starts the conversation with “You don’t speak French???” Uhhhh no.

Our condo was pretty awesome and standard, a kitchen, living room, TV in French, fireplace, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The skiing was incredible and hard. We were all so sore by the time we came in and so tired that I actually took naps when I came back from skiing at 3:30 pm. They don’t have lights on their slopes so we were only able to ski from 7:45 am – 3:30 pm, which was plenty of enough time for us sissy Americans.


The views were absolutely breathtaking and the French were again rude.

Here in America, when you got to a ski resort, you take turns at the bottom of the chair lift, letting people go in front of you. In Canada, it’s a free for all, and people were very rude. And I mean very rude. I was a little disappointed in this. Come to America and we’re nice as can be.

Also, everything is ridiculously expensive in Canada. 14% sales tax. Seriously? And I thought 7% was bad here. $10 for a Big Mac combo meal at McDonalds (not my proudest moment)…and that was after I had to point at everything to get my order across.

Also, everything is 10 x smaller in Canada. A bag of chips or Oreos is like half the size that it is in America, thus we had to buy two making it twice as expensive…hence why America is fat. Except for milk, milk is sold in huge gallons…I mean liters….or bag. Milk in bags, really?

The weather was cold. I’m talking –15 degrees F in the morning, with a high of 10 in the afternoon.


All of our pictures look like this because it was so cold we couldn’t keep any of our faces uncovered for fear of frost bite. Yes. It was a reality. The first day after the first run, my toes went waxy white (a sign of frost bite) and I immediately got inside, warmed them up and then used Toe Warmers everyday.

After my toes and hands were warm, it made skiing that much easier and honestly, the skiing was great!

I made Alexis go down a few black diamonds (she can be afraid sometimes) and really felt the burn in my legs. I figured skiing that much and that hard was my running to make up for those lost days!

But alas, I digress. The skiing was incredible, the resort was incredible, the friends were incredible…and I would definitely come back.

We had a great time, even with 12 hours of travel. We listened to a lot of girl talk and Dubstep…maybe even some country. We definitely could not stop listening to this song…

Rap meets Country.

Also, I nearly crapped myself at the Canada and US border…both times. It was so scary! So many questions and so intrusive! They even searched our car going into Canada and couldn’t figure out what the hell Goo-Gone was. Only in America I guess…


I’m not sure how this post went from travel to Goo Gone, but such is life.

I leave you with a few more gems…

Being artistic…and failing. Nice Alexis.

Saggio, Alexis and Myself at the microbrewery…great beer.

The boys; Mark, Kevin and Saggio.


Look at the views!

Last one! Car ride hour #11!!!

4 thoughts on “Oh Canada”

  1. Well, I’m glad you had a good time despite all the rudeness that occurs and how CLOSE YOU WERE TO ME. Anyways. It sounds like a great time, and honestly I was always scared to death when I crossed the border. Where did you cross anyways? Ogdensburg or Plattsburgh area? Or somewhere else?

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