Book Challenge 2013


As part of one of my goals for 2013, I recently finished one of my twenty-five goal books, “Fit2Fat2Fit”.

If you’ve never heard of this, it is an incredible story. Drew Manning was a personal trainer for the majority of his life. He couldn’t understand why his clients continued to fail and never lose weight or reach their goals. As a fitness buff, he could never comprehend what it was like to be “overweight” and to have to start from ground zero. So what did he do? He gained 75 pounds in 6 months…

He went from awesome figure to no figure in only 6 months. He stopped exercising and working out, ate an unrestricted diet full of processed foods, and packed on 75 pounds. He originally wanted to only gain 60, but ended up with 75. He was now at the point in his life that most Americans are with weight loss.

During this part of the phase, it was interesting to ready about how the transformation was not only physical, but also mental and emotional. He became that depressed person because he couldn’t fit into any of this clothes and couldn’t run around and chase his daughter without getting winded. He was broken, and he finally understood his client’s mindset.

But after 6 months of unrestricted eating and zero exercises, he began the transition from Fat2Fit.

Againn in those 6 months, he started eating his normal meal plans of unprocessed foods, ditched the soda, the artificial crap and started losing. At first he did zero exercise and then slowly got back into his workouts, both of cardio and weight lifting. He lost those 75 pounds and returned to normal, but gained so much more mentally than he ever thought.

Although the first half of this book is about his journey, even with a chapter about how his wife dealt with his transformation, the second half is all meal plans and workout information. I’m sure it’s a great program, and I’m positive I’ll be implementing some of his meal plans into my routine.

There is also a blog about the whole transformation and journey that you can find here. This website shows the whole journey, offers support, and shows those meal plans. It really is a great community.

I myself was more interested in the journey itself than the actual meal plans, but still thoroughly enjoyed this book. It just amazed me that one person could transform themselves that much in such a short period of time with clean eating and good workouts!

Check it out if you’re interested! It’s a great story!

3 thoughts on “Fit2Fat2Fit”

  1. That is really interesting and I love that idea. If I get some spare time I’m def going to read it. Thanks for sharing. I couldn’t imagine giving up working out for that long for the full expect of gaining weight. That is someone who is passionate about their job.

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