Just the basics.

Ski Trippin’


In about 6 days, 4 of my best friends including myself will be traveling to the land of Canada…

If only.

My sister, myself, Kevin, Mark, and our friend Eric have planned a ski trip to Mont Tremblant for essentially 5 days.

Ski town!

The last ski trip we took was 3 years ago to Killington Vermont for spring break. We opted to go chill versus going tropical and we had a great time. We stayed with another group, who were our friends at the time, but we had met at college. Honestly, it would have been better had it just been our close friends. Nonetheless, we still had a great time and enjoyed some great skiing.

This year, instead of staying inside the US, we decided we’re going to travel to Canada. The distance from here to Canada and here to Vermont is actually the same time wise (10 hours), so we opted for something different.

So far in talking to some ski buffs, we have heard that Tremblant has some of the best skiing in the East. Is Canada technically considered the “East”…I feel like that’s more North. But I digress. The slopes are supposed to be top-notch with the resort and town being incredible as well.

One major difference…the temperature….

Ok, so this week has a 41 degree day…but check out next Wednesday!

11 degrees as the high for the day! Yikes! It’s gonna be freezing.

We’re staying in a 2 bedroom condo that is ski in and out from the slopes, minutes by walking to the town. Talk about awesome.

Les Ruisseaux - Tremblant Sunstar - Les Ruisseaux - Tremblant Sunstar
Our condo.

This is a prime location and to have a ski in and out option rather than a shuttle is awesome. That means you can take multiple breaks throughout the day!

The total cost for this trip was around $450. That includes stay at the condo for 3 days plus lift tickets. Outrageous deal I tell you! Considering an all day pass is $76 a day!

We plan for 2 days of travel, to and from with a 10 hour drive, then 3 full days of skiing. I have actually arranged it so that I have the day before we leave and after we come back off!

I’m pretty pumped about this trip and have been looking forward to it for a few months!

I’ll let you know how it goes! I’m going to soak in as much maple syrup and moose I can get! Winking smile

4 thoughts on “Ski Trippin’”

  1. Here is my question to you…don’t you need to go on route 81 to get to Canada? ie: Don’t you need to (at some point go through Syracuse…) ie…don’t you need to be 15 minutes within me. Anyways I think that sounds like a lot of fun…I’m not a skiier but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it LOL.

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