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Psycho Dog, My K-Cups, and 8 miles

I’m glad you all liked the Wedding Weekend post! I’m excited to share with you that exciting time in our life, and let me tell you it’s much easier to blog about it now, than to try to plan the wedding and blog and work at the same time! So look out for another one of those this weekend!

* * *


Veggie Dresses for life.

nm (220 of 1000)
My partner in crime.

2009 Ocean City Vacation (5)

My bestie.

I love you so much Alexis and I hope you have a great day! I’ll be by later to celebrate with you…even though you already got your presents!!!

* * *

Let me start this actual post off by saying that my dog is PSYCHO this morning. He just ate half of a blueberry pancake accidentally out of the garbage (sorry Mike!) and I’m thinking his hyper-active self is stemming from that. Or the fact that he hasn’t been able to get his walks in over the past 2 weeks.

Normally we take Goose for multiple walks during the day. Mike takes him for a 1 mile walk in the morning, and if I’m off I usually take him for a walk for at least 2-4 miles, depending on how much time I have. Then he usually gets another 1-1.5 mile walk before bed. Talk about a needy pup…but I am totally joking. Vizsla’s are one of the most energetic breeds and require a ton of exercise. But recently with the below normal cold weather, snow, and now ice, Goose hasn’t been able to be outside as much. He will actually stand at the sliding glass window and cry, just begging to go out and play. I wish I could let you little man!

I’ll just chew on my foot instead.

* * *

After 4 days of complete rest and no running, I got my butt out on the roads. I was going to run yesterday, but woke up and saw the temperature was around 11 degrees. I rolled back over and reconsidered, since my nose was still stuffy and I couldn’t really breathe well. So I promised myself I would get out and get at it today. Well get at it I did.

If you’re not living in the Pittsburgh area, we were blanketed with freezing rain and freezing temperatures last night into this morning. Mike actually had to park at the top of our driveway because we were concerned his car wouldn’t make it up the driveway. Anyways, I woke up and the temperature was awesome…35 degrees! I’ll take that over 11 anyday! As I got ready and got into my car, I realized the ground was covered in a layer of thick ice.

I drove out to North Park just as it started raining. Luckily my cousin gave me a cheap US OPEN (the company she works for) rain coat that I absolutely love. It’s only 1 layer but it’s enough to keep me dry! I wore that for my run and stored my phone and car keys on the inside pockets. I never run without my phone anymore…must remember to do a post about that later….

I ended up running 8 miles total with an average pace of 9:15. I don’t have my Garmin in front of me because I threw it off in a fit of rage when I was trying to get in the warm shower. I know my last miles were faster but I’m not really concerned too much. Last mile I know was 8:50. I was really shooting for my pace of 9:15, which I held steady at.

Two parts that sucked during the run:

1. 4 mile mark up a road that had not been plowed or salted yet. This part of the run has a steep hill and at the top, you turn around and head home. Runners in the area have said that the downhill is “the best 1/2 mile of running around.” I would definitely have to agree, but trying to manage that over a sheet of ice was fun.

2. I ran past a group of potential police officers who were doing a training run, who all subsequently said hello to me, and shortly after, stepped in a 2 foot deep pot hole filled with slush and water. I didn’t do this because I was distracted, I did this because I couldn’t see the bottom. I was so pissed off because only one foot was wet! It would have been ok if I got both but nothing bothers me more than getting 1 foot soaking wet!!!

Anyways, I still really enjoyed my run. I ran music free for the entire run, but brought my iPhone just incase I wanted some music. I almost did at the halfway mark, but held strong and focused more on my pace. I’m trying to wean myself from music at all and concentrate on the running, my pace, and my surroundings.

* * *

And I’ll leave you with my latest invention…

The Do-It-Yourself K-Cup.

Mike used the last K-Cup this morning…how rude, and I did not want to bring the whole coffee pot out for my one cup. So I cut the foil top off of the Vue Cup (which is stupid because they don’t make a MY VUE yet and we can’t use the old K-Cups) and filled it with my coffee and then taped it with masking tape! I mean, it kinda worked…and I made sure to run an extra cycle to get any left over coffee grounds out of there.

* * *

Today is my last day off of 5, and I soon start 6 days straight of work…and then another 6 day vacation because we’re going to CANADA to ski in the freezing cold! I’ll be sure to let you guys in on where we’re going!

I’m spending today relaxing, catching up on laundry and eventually getting my butt out of the house to go to the grocery store.

Stay safe all!

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