Wedding Weekends

Wedding Weekends

Today was supposed to be a long run day. I woke up, checked the weather and rolled back over. 11 degrees in Pittsburgh this morning. Mix that with my cold, which I am finally starting to feel better from, and today is another no exercise day.

In brighter more positive fitness news, I’m ordering my treadmill today! Praise Jesus.

– – – – –

I’m starting a new tradition today. I am a creative genius I tell you!

Each weekend I am going to do a post about some of the details of my wedding.

Mike and I planned our entire wedding basically on our own.

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We ended up spending more than we probably would have wanted to, but our wedding was a huge success. We had guests coming up to us all night saying that it was the best wedding they had ever been to. Not too bad for some amateurs here.

We’ll start this one off with a post about our reception venue: The Power Center.

Mike and I both went and graduated from Duquesne University. That’s where we met, that’s where we had all of our classes together and I guess you could say, that’s where we fell in love. So when we were looking for a reception venue, we wanted something special, something different, and something that was decent on the budget.

I browsed a few places online, as did Mike’s mom, but they all lacked that special feeling for us.

After a few weeks, I discovered/remembered The Power Center at Duquesne.

This is an outside view. The Power Center is that entire building. First floor contains the bookstore, a restaurant and Jamba Juice. Second floor-fourth floor contains the entire University’s brand new gym. That place is the bomb. Top floor is the Power Center ballroom.

You can’t fell from this picture, but the back of the facility faces downtown Pittsburgh and is directly across the street from the new Consol Energy Center.

Anyways, so after making a few phone calls and e-mails, we started to research prices and discovered that this facility was the same if not a little bit less expensive than some of the other “halls”. We also found out that people can only use this facility if they are students or alumni or relatives of the two previous that attended Duquesne.

For this reason, it was special to us. We grew together here and spent soooo many hours and years here.

We then scheduled a tour, and booked it a few days later. We never looked at any other venues. This was it.

– – – – –

After booking this, which we had to do about 1 year in advance, everything ran very smoothly. We met about 6 months in advance for a tasting and the staff was absolutely wonderful.

We had special requests at our wedding (the addition of Graham Central Station ice cream to the dessert menu) and they were more than willing to help.

The day before the wedding, we dropped all of our cookies, favors, guest book, and alcohol off and they took care of it…

nm (630 of 1000)

The inside of the Power Center. This was actually our wedding. Consol peaking in the background.

nm (631 of 1000)

Tables already finished with centerpieces and favors.

nm (629 of 1000)

They set up our place cards for us.

nm (633 of 1000)

Up close and personal at one of our tables.

nm (654 of 1000)

All of our cookies beautifully trayed.

nm (641 of 1000)

The time and effort it took to make these cookie tables look amazing.

nm (643 of 1000)

More cookies…the table was HUGE.

nm (659 of 1000)

They set up our Guest Book as well.

– – – – –

Overall we were thrilled with the Power Center. If I had to do it again, I would totally use this venue again. It was so easy and such a no-brainer. Everyone said they loved it; they loved the atmosphere, the food, the party. Everything!

I would totally recommend this to any future Duquesne grads!

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And so would my family…

12 thoughts on “Wedding Weekends”

  1. Wow everything looks absolutely stunning. I can’t believe you planned and did the whole wedding by yourself. Good for you (does that mean I can hire you as my wedding planner…I’m not joking LOL). Boo for the weather in Pitts, but I’m glad to hear you are ordering the treadmill!

  2. GORGEOUS! We looked in Pittsburgh, but have decided on Monroeville instead. My mom is the only one there and doesn’t feel like driving to and from the city if needed. I can’t wait for more of your posts so I have some ideas 🙂

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