Just the basics.

O.M.G. I am so late.

No you silly fools, I am not pregnant. Get your mind out of the gutter!!

It’s the yearly 2013 Goals post!!! It’s only a month last but hey, better late than never, right?

I’m going to break these down into categories, which might be a little easier for me to handle mentally:


1. Run more races than just one or two marathons.

Last year, and I blame this on my wedding, I only ran one race; the Pittsburgh Marathon. This year I have bigger goals. I want to run more  races. I want to do 10ks, 5ks, half’s, and trail runs. I may even dabble in the triathlon or biking scene, but that might be pushing it. I really want to get into trail running. There’s tons of trails in my area and I know when Goose is at the running age, he’ll be great for it!

2. Continue and maintain strength training and toning.

Leading up to my wedding I was lifting around 3-4 days a week. That kept me in great overall “toning” shape, however I’d like to improve this even more. I have dumbells at home that go up to 25 pounds, so that really helps.

I want to lift heavy and get stronger. Lifting patient’s on the stretcher on the trucks is not easy, especially not for females. I need to improve my upper body strength. STAT.

3. Forgive myself for not working out.

Even today as I write this, I freak out about missing work outs. Life happens. Puppies are more important and husbands are the most important. Life will go on without working out. There will always be tomorrow.

4. Continue eating healthy; attempt to lose around 10-15 pounds.

I eat healthy for the most part already. I eat a large amount of protein, try to limit carbs and get a good amount of fruit and veggies. But we can always improve. I also feel as though my running, and life can benefit from a 10-15 lb weight loss. I will not be super skinny, even after losing that weight, but I know my speed will improve, and I will feel better about myself.

– – – – –


1. Continue to blog.

This year, I want my blog going places. I want to document everything I do, and I want this year to be more active and do more exciting things. Even if that’s just exploring Pittsburgh more, or my neighborhood. I don’t want to sit at home on my couch all day, or weekends. Except when it’s cold and snowing. Then that’s acceptable.

2. Read 25 books in 2013.

I have seen other bloggers post this challenge, and I think it’s a great idea. I want to read more, I love reading, and there is so much out there to read!

3. Study/Prepare/Review for my profession and Boards.

I don’t take my Physician Assistant National Boards until 2016, but I want to start reviewing and learning now. I want to gain a greater understanding of medical illnesses, and feel more comfortable treating more complicated patients. Reviewing and studying, even if that’s 1 weekend a month, will definitely help me with this.

– – – – –


1. Continue blogging (again)

I started blogging for the sake of continuing to write. I always excelled at English in school, versus math and science. Weird that I became a PA then, right? I want to continue blogging because it gives me a forum to express myself and share my views with the world. I can get my stress and feelings out without complaining to my husband everyday.

2. Strengthen my friendships and relationships.

Recently when I talk with people, I feel as though I am only half listening. I am only half caring about what they say. I want to change that. I want to be a great listener and someone that my friends can turn to for advice or just an ear. I want to be a better friend, sister, daughter, and wife.

– – – – –


1. Decorate/Organize our house.

Ok, so new home owners should get one year to get used to living in their house and purchasing a few new things. Now that it’s been a year (almost) my goals are to complete a room each month. Completing a room means organizing it, purchasing new or old furniture, and decorating it. The purpose is so that each room has a function. We have actually been doing pretty well with this. Our goal for January was to finish our wedding thank yous, and organize the red room. Thank yous are done, and the red room is almost complete as well.

Each month will present a new room with new goals!

2. Get Goose in-line.

Goose is attending puppy classes now, so that he will be a more obedient dog. My goal is to have him be absolutely perfect and one of the most well-trained dogs around. Some of the things they talk about in puppy class are crazy, but Goose is crazy smart, so I know he can handle it! Also, this includes training him to walk better and eventually log some long miles with me.

3. Increase my baking and cooking skills.

I have all of these new baking and cooking tools but have not really tried much with them. Now that the wedding is over, I want to try new recipes, make them healthy if I can, and expand my horizons!

– – – – –

I think that’s a lot for 2013. I have some lofty goals, but I want to make this year count. I have so much enthusiasm as a newly wed and new home owner that I want to tackle all of this!

Like I said, better late than never!

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