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Golden Birthday

Hey ya’ll! It’s my birffffdayyyyy.

I don’t know why I chose Honey Boo Boo, but it seemed appropriate.

And of course, what do I get for my birthday…snot face and sinus headaches. On top of that we’re apparently preparing for another snowmagedon, with 4-6 inches.

We’re supposed to go to the Hoffbrahaus tonight to celebrate both me and my sister’s birthday, but with a snow forecast like that and me feeling like crap, I don’t know that it’s going to happen.

But anyways, it’s my Golden Birthday, meaning that I turn 25 on January 25th!! This happens once in your life and it’s supposed to be special I guess. Feels like the same celebration to me, but what do I know.

– – – – –

For my birthday this year, I have asked for one thing…

A treadmill! I have a gym membership, but my family’s gym is 10 minutes away from their house, which is 10 minutes away from me, totaling 20 minutes for me to get there. Maybe 15 if I’m speeding like a law abiding citizen. My mom has kept me on the gym account recently until I get a treadmill, and both my sister, husband, and mother have said that they’re going to pitch in to buy me a treadmill this year for my birthday. I simply do not have time to travel 20 minutes both ways to exercise and just use a treadmill.

Stated perfectly.

So I have been searching for a few weeks for the perfect treadmill. I am kinda set on a Sole, because the reviews have been great and they’re decently priced. I’ve never tried one, as my gym only has Precore I think, but the Sole looks perfect. When I run on the mill I use my i-Pad for everything. I am either reading blogs, reading a book, or watching Hulu or Netflicks, and it seems as though this one has the perfect platform for my i-Pad to rest on. Some are too high and some are too low. If I’m going to use it everyday it has to be just right.

– – – – –

In other news for my birthday, Goose is getting his new invisible fence collar with training later today. When we moved in, about 4 months prior to the previous owners decided to sell, they installed an electric fence. When they left, they took the hardware and the collar, but the fence still remains in tact in the ground. Awesome right?! So I called the company and the guy who previously installed it at our house he’s coming out today around 1 to set up the hardware and train the Goose man. Happy Birthday to me.

Goose also got a new dog bed that he wants to share with you…


So pathetic looking. He was refusing to lay on it before and he only wanted to sit on my lap while I typed this up, but I finally convinced him that the warm fuzzy dog bed is much nicer than my lap and he is now sound asleep.


His little butt is about to fall off the side!

– – – – –

On a different note, I was planning on going to the gym this morning to get a quick run in but last night I was up tossing and turning the entire time with a huge sinus headache. I woke up this morning feeling still the same and a snotty mess. I texted everyone I knew and asked if I should go to the gym and the answer was no. I need to get better before I overdo it. So today, like yesterday will be spent on the couch, with Pinterest and a book, snuggling a puppy…that is until that fence guy comes…if he makes it here with the snowmageddon.



Have a great day guys! Smile

2 thoughts on “Golden Birthday”

  1. AWE I hope your birthday goes well and you’ll have to write a treadmill review. (Aren’t that what blogs are for…reviewing things…). Anyways-I remember when running could be done from the door and didn’t take all this extra work…oh yeah right…summer time.

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