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Funnies, Fitness, and Whey Protein…?

First…some funnies:


So totally reminded me of my friend Tim. And I wish I could send this to some people I know. Better yet, I should just post it on their Facebook wall.


I just about died when I saw this and then sent it to Alexis.


Er mer gerd.

Anyways. Pinterest has been my BFF as of lately. I can’t get enough of it and I can’t stop or control myself.

The sickness is in full swing, I thought about not going to the gym yesterday morning and just relaxing before I went to work, but ultimately decided that my hard work is kinda paying off in that;

A. I don’t feel like dying after each workout.

B. My stomach is looking somewhat flatter.

C. My arms need all the help they can get.

I have strategically put this picture as my phone background…


This is to promote me to look at it and see that almost six pack that I had just 3 months ago on our Honeymoon. That was when I wasn’t really working out much, but still lifting 3-4 times a week. I realize my legs will never be twigs, I’m stuck with runner’s thighs and I’m ok with it. My arms need some work and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Also, yesterday I picked up a new protein powder flavor…


For the past several months I have switched from Optimum Nutrition to Myofusion. It’s supposed to be a better quality protien and it has pro-biotics within it, giving my stomach and intestines the love they need. I have found that it has been easier on my stomach as far as bloating and gas goes. Is that TMI? No, I don’t think so…people need to know about this kind of stuff when choosing a decent whey protein.

I have also switched from using skim milk to Almond milk. The Vanilla almond milk makes any of these shakes taste divine. I have personally tried chocolate, vanilla and now strawberry, which I was a little weary of but have been craving strawberry smoothies. Turns out it was just as delicious. It’s a bit more expensive price wise, but totally worth it to me for the taste and the less GI side effects.

Nutrition stat wise, there are 24 grams of protein in each scoop, 9 grams of carbs, 3 sugars, and 150 calories. More calories for more protein!


But anyways, that’s my take on whey protein. I love Myofusion and was actually introduced to it by the person that works at GNC. You can get it for much cheaper online than you can in stores as well.

Welp, that’s all I got for ya. I’m gonna go de-snottify. I’m supposed to do some 800 repeats today but we’ll just have to play that one by ear! Winking smile

– – – – –

Do you use any nutrition supplements?

Just Myofusion. I’m supposed to take a multi-vitamin everyday for the folic acid thing in women of child-bearing age…but I can never remember. It’s hard enough for me to try to remember to take my birth control each day!

4 thoughts on “Funnies, Fitness, and Whey Protein…?”

  1. Holy ripped. ?You need to be posting that ab workout my friend. Anyways interesting about the whey. I have thought about trying it again because my blood sugars have been decent enough where I can. I’m not sure though.

  2. Ohhh good motivation. I should totally change my background to a time when I was a little less ‘soft’ haha. Loveee the loud and obnoxious one. So true. I want to send that to almost every girl I went to high school with.

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