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Down With the Sickness

So apparently washing your hands 5 million times and using hand sanitizer in between patient’s still doesn’t protect you from the yucky viruses going around. I joked on Facebook that maybe it was the two year old that sneezed in my face last week. If only I wasn’t kidding about that…

Anyways, it seems as though I’ve caught something yucky and it’s only the early beginnings. You know, the sniffles, stuffy nose, and feeling as though your head is stuffed with cotton balls and about to explode. Most wonderful time of the year people.

Take your vitamins, get enough sleep and get your flu shots. People are dying out there from the flu. It’s nothing to joke around with. These last few lines have been so random, it must be those cotton balls stuck up there.

– – – – –

So yesterday I had my first day off in like 4. Not sure why I have been working as much, but finally a day off! I woke up feeling crappy but dragged my butt to the gym in the 7 degree weather, as there was no way I was about to run out in that blistery weather. I know there are those of you out there getting hit with much worse, so I’ll keep my mouth closed! Winking smile

After the gym and a quick 3 miles, listen to this guy…

Everyone needs a little Skrillex and Dubstep in their lives. This really gets me going on the treadmill, but not as much as this…

Watching that video makes the song 10 times better. Did you know that the rapper worked in a juvinille detention center teaching the inmates all about music. Now talk about a rapper who actually does something in this world as opposed to Wiz who smokes $10,000 worth of weed in one month. No joke. That’s a fact. And Pittsburgh made a day for him…seriously?

Anyways. After hitting the gym I ate breakfast really quickly and then I had to be at the Dentist, who once again reminded me that my wisdom teeth need to come out, I need to floss more, I need to brush a different way, and I need to wear a night guard. Gee, that’s it? I just love going to the dentist now. Everytime they tell me something else I’m doing wrong.

 After the dentist I came back home and ate my left over Subway from yesterday. I then sat on the couch for 15 minutes before I had to go to the eye doctor. Seriously, how much torture could I put myself through in one day. At the eye doctor they put not one but two sets of drops in my eyes. The first burned like crazy, the second made my vision so blurry I was very concerned how I would ever drive home. 

I actually asked for contacts this time for one reason; I hate wearing glasses on the trucks. If it’s raining, snowing, or precipitating in anyway, it’s SO annoying. My glasses get all spotted, I get a glare and I can’t see to drive. However, I need the glasses because my left eye is blind and when they work together I can’t read street signs at all. Not very helpful if  you’re trying to find the house number for the 911 call.  

So I am now trying out my first ever pair of contacts as we speak. I still can’t decide if I can see because my eyes are so messed up from the drops, so hopefully tomorrow is better! I hope this is a good solution because it’s HELLA expensive. 

After the two torture offices, I came home and finished up our wedding thank you notes…


Today I also figured out how to set up my PhotoStream so that my pictures go straight to my computer. I am a genius. Only 2 years later.

I found this gem today while waiting for my appointments and had to laugh…


Any medical professionals out there?

– – – – –

What is your least favorite medical office to go to??

It’s a close tie now between the dentist and eye doctor. One tells me I do everything wrong, the other causes me pain.

4 thoughts on “Down With the Sickness”

  1. Aw snap to having a two-year-old sneeze on your face! I didn’t get the flu shot this year and I got the flu. FAIL. I hope you feel better soon though!

    I can’t believe Pittsburgh made a Wiz Khalifa day either… so redic!

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