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Urgent Monday’s!!

So I passed my PALS (pediatric advanced life support) class with flying colors. And I mean flying colors! I only missed one on the written portion and owned my mega-code. That being said, don’t ever expect me to run a pediatric code by myself…ever!!

Anyways, life has been pretty peachy recently. I have worked the last 3 days (12 hour shifts) and have a day off tomorrow. After that I work one day and then have 4 days off, which I am super excited about. I love days off more than anything.

Today I am working in the Urgent Care, which is like an ER (not really even close) but generally used for less acute things such as cough, cold, simple fractures and lacerations. Working here is a nice break because

A. It’s usually less busy than the ED.
B. The patient’s are generally a lesser acuity (easier).
C. The setting is more relaxed in the ED.

It’s a great change from the last two days in the ED (we got killed with volume) because I can sit back and take a breather. I definitely could not do this everyday, I think I would go crazy because you kind of see the same thing over and over again. You try to convince 15 people that they don’t need an antibiotic like they think they do, and eventually you give up because they just get mad at you.

Ahhh the life as a Physician Assistant.

Besides that, I really can’t complain about much, with the exception of the weather.


Really??? 13 tomorrow?! How am I supposed to tame a wild puppy or get my marathon training done when its that chilly?!? I guess tomorrow I will be treadmilling in between all of my random doctor appointments!

Have you ever had a good experience in the ED?
I have! And not at work! When I stuck my finger in the lawnmower I had to go to the ED and was cared for by a Nurse Practitioner who I knew. I awaited 2 hours to be seen and spent 4 hours in the ED but I thought my experience was great!

Have you ever been seen by a Physician Assistant?!?
I have! 😉

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