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Zero Dark Thirty and Great Weather

This weekend was absolutely fabulous! I had 2 whole days off and I enjoyed every bit of them!

I went walking with my Mom and sister as well as Goose man both days. Saturday we walked 5 miles and he was pooped! I later met up with some of my good friends for dinner and a movie. We were going to go to Burgatory but there was a 1.5 hour wait! Are you kidding me?!?

We decided then to go to Walnut Grill, which is a kind of classy Pittsburgh/North Hills restaurant establishment. True story: I cannot spell restaurant for the life of it…autocorrect on the iPad is awesome. I ended up getting a Spinach and Artichoke flat bread sammie, which was basically flat bread smothered in spinach and artichoke dip (my favorite!) and chicken. By heavens it was delicious! It was so delicious I let mike eat my left overs the next day (he was working and couldn’t
come out with us).

Random note: my take out bag came with all the left over bag tags and was a smiley. Totally made my day.


After dinner Alexis, Brad and myself hit up Walmart for some goodies for the movie…


Gobbled those up in minutes and my body totally paid for it that night. I had such bad heart burn and indigestion that I slept like 3 hours Saturday night. I have an ongoing battle with undiagnosed esophageal reflux that I take OTC Pepcid for as a self diagnosis. I am convinced that my reflux is what causes my chest pain. Maybe I’ll talk to my doctor about it ;).

We saw Zero Dark Thirty and it was awesome!


I’m talking really awesome. Brad thought it was just “OK”. Psh. Me and Alexis loved it and were biting our nails the last 30 minutes, as if we didn’t know that they catch Usama Bin Ladin.

Sunday was spend sleeping in, followed by 5 miles of walking and 4 miles of running. Be warned: trying to run 4 miles after walking 5 is hard. Like really hard. I was so tired and so sore.

To end this random weekend wrap up, here’s a picture of how I would look if my hair was cut super short!!!


These next two days I have to take Pediatric Advanced Life Support (how to save a baby and children in cardiac arrest and what not). I had to take Advanced Cardiac Life Support (saving adults in cardiac arrest…I almost said humans…who am I?!) 2 years ago and HATED it. I was so scared. It was intimidating and not fun. I’m hoping these next two days go well and I pass!!

Have a great night folks!!!

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