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Goose’s Longest Walk Ever!!!

I worked last night until 1 am (I got off early) and didn’t get to bed until 2, needless to say I slept until 11 this morning! I texted my Momma though as soon as I woke up and asked if she wanted to walk on this beautiful Pittsburgh day. So my mom and sister and myself headed out to North Park.

Today since I’m trying to get back into running before the marathon, I wanted to get 3 miles in. S we walked 3 miles and then I ditched my mom, sister, and Goose to add on a mile and run my 3 miles. I ended up walking/running 6 miles which was awesome.

Goose man on the other hand walked only 5 miles but that was his farthest to date! This is what he’s currently doing…


He’s so sleepy but I’m such a proud Momma! Extra food at dinner for that guy!

Well we’re off to Burgatory and to see Zero Dark Thirty!

If its anything like Homeland, I bet it will be good!!!!


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