Just the basics.

Frozen Glutes and Scrambled Eggs

Workout: 5 miles running, 2 miles walking with the Goose

Average Pace: 8:45


This morning was frigid! I’m talking 25 degrees out and I decide to wear capris to run in. Great idea. By the end of my run my glutes and hamstrings were frozen solid. I am still attempting to get warm with a cup of green tea. Normally it would be coffee but I work 2 pm – 2 am today so I’m trying to save my 21 ounces of coffee bliss for the ED. Tea will have to do.

I think I can almost say that I am back in running shape. I ran 5 miles today with an average pace of 8:45, which is my normal easy day pace, and I didn’t actually feel like I was dying. It felt like a reasonably comfortable pace. That’s a win in my book.

I’ve recently started increasing Goose’s walking mileage and now running mileage.


My big man in his running vest thanks to Kevin.

Yesterday we walked/ran 4 miles. We did 0.5 miles walking, then alternated that with running for a total of 2 miles of running! He never wants to stop running I swear! I’m trying to ease him into it until he’s around 6 months of age because I want his joints to develop properly. This has also been great for me because I’ve been easing back into running with walking too. I know Goose is going to make the best running partner around.

– – – – –

I thought that I would share something that has made my life 10 times easier, and something that I found out a large number of people don’t really know about.

Did you know that you can make scrambled eggs in the microwave really easily?

This is something my Mom always did for us, and I’ve found out a lot of people don’t know that you can make scrambled eggs in the microwave. Every time I’ve done it at work, people just don’t understand.

First of all you start off with this:


For my eggs I use 3/4 cups of Liquid Egg Whites and one whole egg. I mix in a tiny slab of butter and about a tablespoon of milk.

Make sure you put some pam in a microwavable safe bowl before putting the eggs in or else cleaning is a bitch.

Then I whisk away until it’s all well combined.

Next, put the bowl in the microwave. I nuke it at the following intervals: 60 seconds, 45 seconds, 30 seconds. I have perfected it so that they’re not too done and still fluffy. After each interval, always use a fork and knife to mix and cut up the forming scramble.

After that, viola!


I’m trying to get back on a healthy eating kick and scrambled eggs are one of my favorite easy breakfasts!


4 thoughts on “Frozen Glutes and Scrambled Eggs”

  1. We would be such good running partners. That is about what I’ve been doing my easy runs as of late. Did I tell you I have high hopes to come down and run the Pittsburgh half marathon? Anyways, I’m really happy you are blogging again (in a creepy/somewhat obsessive way…). Um right then.

  2. That’s awesome that Goose is going to be your running partner!

    I haven’t made scrambled eggs in the microwave before but I do use the microwave to make my egg for my egg mcmuffin sandwiches. Scramble egg, pour into the egg cooker thing (real technical term I know), cook for 1 minute, pop out onto muffin!

  3. I love making scrambled eggs in the micro! It’s so simple and QUICK! I also have this little egg thing that lets me hard boil an egg in the microwave and it takes about 5 and a half minutes. Also, Goose is going to make such a great running partner!

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