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Wants Vs. Reality

In life, we all have wants and desires. Things that we aspire to have and be and often day dream about. For some people that’s getting in shape, fitting into our summer bikini, a new i-Phone 5. Everyone is different.

One of my most recent wants now a days is to be back in the blogging scene. To make my blog “popular” and to have a large number of readers and subscribers. Of course, for some people, that’s easy. For myself on the other hand, it has become more difficult. It has become harder and harder for me to post consistently; that is, post everyday.

I’m not going to blame anyone else but myself for not achieving this want. I struggle to just maintain exercise for myself, let alone my new puppy Goose. The child needs at least a 4 mile walk to release all of his pent-up energy. Working 2 jobs doesn’t help either. Then trying to find time to cook dinner and hang out with the husband…now that’s a challenge.

I honestly give credit to those out there who blog consistently. Those who have grown their blogs into large websites. Those who have a large fan base. But looking at some of the blogs I read most often…

The Hungry Runner Girl

Skinny Runner

Peanut Butter Fingers

I have come to a realization…none of these bloggers have one full time job, let alone 2. Janae is busy with her new baby yes, and Julie does some free-lance stuff, but these bloggers are home for the majority of the day. They have the time to not only log endless miles on the treadmill but to blog and post not once but sometimes twice a day. And I by no way mean to discredit them, they are great blogs to follow, but I have got to stop comparing myself to them. We’re just not the same people, and therefore we will never have the same blog or lives. I will never have the time off that they do to run as much, but I still train for marathons and get my long runs in. I will never have the amount of time that they have to go out to dinner or shopping. Bottom line, the comparing in my head needs to stop.

I guess with this endless ranting all I can say is that I miss the blogging scene. I miss reading blogs daily, I miss posting daily, I miss making connections via the internet. I can’t say for certain that I’m going to post everyday, or that my blog will ever become “popular,” but I am just putting my wants out on the table, for someone to read. In order for me to fulfill this want, I have to make more time, and work just a little bit harder. I think with a little bit of time management, it can happen…but it’s all up to me.

Again, me…an individual, with a unique blog. No more comparisons.


My unique Goose Man. No comparing this man to anyone else.

4 thoughts on “Wants Vs. Reality”

  1. I love reading your blog and always have been. I find that that blogging a lot of my posts on the weekends and scheduling them frees up time for me. I honestly have no idea how HRG blogged when she was also teaching school and such. Anyways-I do hope you are able to blog a lot more. I would love to see more of your face (is that creepy LOL?)

  2. i enjoy your blog, whether it is daily or not. i also, am, from pittsburgh (that was why I found your blog!). I would love to hear how you run outside without falling all over the place. i live out toward the country so we have no sidewalks! I am looking forward to this warm weekend we are predicted to have!!!

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