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A Christmas Tradition

Hey guys!! Last night I surprised my family with an early Christmas present!! I took my Mom, Dad, Sister, her boyfriend, and my now husband to see Mannheim Steamroller!!!


Carol of the Bells is my absolute favorite Christmas song ever…specifically this one!!


I am sure that you all have heard that one too. It’s one of their most popular songs!

I surprised my family a couple weeks ago when I kept hearing about the concert on the radio. Mannheim Steamroller is one of my Mom’s absolute favorite Christmas artists. Basically in our house, it’s not Christmas until these CD’s are played. I think we have at least 4 of them. So to say that my Mom was excited about the concert was an understatement.

We started off the evening with dinner at Rivertown on the North Shore, which was pretty good bar food, however we were well dressed for the concert. Haha, such is life.

After dinner we headed to the Benedum Center…

I have been to the Benedum twice; once for the Nutcracker and once for the Phantom of the Opera. It really is a great theater. I purchased really nice seats for us and we were about 20 rows back from the stage. It was awesome!

Although the creator of Mannheim Steamroller doesn’t perform anymore, they have kind of broken the band up into 2 tours, so that they can play for as many cities around Christmas time as possible. In our show, there were two original band members, plus other newer members, and although it wasn’t the original Mannheim Steamroller, the show was awesome!

I am positive that we will be doing this every year from now on! And I will be listening to Carol of the Bells on repeat for the next two weeks….

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