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The Beginning of the End

So the pool that I work at is officially closed for the summer.


I have worked at this pool for the past 10 summers. That means that I started working at this pool when I was 15. Man how time flies.

I started as a rookie lifeguard, progressed to assistant manager, down sized to “head guard” and then got a final promotion this year to “pool supervisor”. Whatever the title, I loved my job and spent countless days sitting, getting tan, and yelling at patrons.

It’s hard to say though, whether or not this will indeed be my last summer. That majority of the guards that I have grown to love over the past several years are leaving, including my sister and my best friend.

However, my job is easy; manage lifeguard and staff, check the chemical levels of the pool, and make sure things run smoothly. The majority of the time I am left browsing the internet or playing on my iPad. Don’t get me wrong here; I am a strict “pool supervisor” and if any emergency does arise, I handle it. When first years meet me at the beginning of the summer, they all comment years later how “we were legitimately afraid of you…we thought you were a bitch.” That immediately changes once I know their work ethic and that they know their crap.

I have thought long and hard about returning again next year for my 11th season. I am assuming I would have my same position and roles, but the conflict I have is that I would like to enjoy my summers and my days off. This past summer I have worked almost every single day, with the exception of some weddings and events. If I wasn’t working in the ED, or on the trucks, I was at the pool. Again, I absolutely loved it, but I grew to find that I would rather be spending my time at home with Mike or with my Mom, than be working at the pool.

With the arrival of Goosey (our new Vizsla puppy) in the next month or so, I have really been considering this job and my future. My goal is to be able to have days off to spend with Goosey, hiking and playing at the dog park, as well as spending time with my friends and my future husband. This job just doesn’t allow me to do that.

That being said, this next year will involve a large amount of thinking and pondering whether or not it will be worth it for me both emotionally and mentally to return back to the pool. I have had some absolutely great times, and great sunsets at this place.


I guess I’ll have to keep it a surprise to you all…and to my staff and boss! 😉

2 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End”

  1. I can understand about that. You have really had a good run of the gauntlet there. It seems like a lot of fun but I can certainly understand (as a pool manager) about how tiring it gets and how days off seem so much more inviting!

  2. I totally know how you feel! I worked my way up from sub guard, to part time, to full time, to manager before putting in the towel and getting a different summer job 😦 It’s hard to say goodbye to a job that allows you to sit in the sun!

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