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Recent Life Happenings

Hi all! I know, I know, I get the award for craptastic blogger of the year! But at least I’m giving you a little update!!!

Our puppers (little Goosey) was born!! We are getting a Vizsla puppy directly from a breeder and our little man was born!!!


Ours will obviously be one of the above, we just don’t know which one yet!!! We will probably have our little bugger to spoil and play with all day mid to end of October. Yes, right before our wedding! 😉

Speaking of wedding, we are just two short months away today!! My bachelorette party and bridal shower is at the end of this month and I am beyond excited!! All of my bridesmaids have been getting super into it and making the whole process more fun!! They recently purchased me some lingerie!! 🙂 Do not worry, decent pictures will be posted!!

Almost everything has come together with the wedding. Invitations are ordered and will be sent out here soon. I am going to get my dress fitted in the next week or so and I can’t wait!!

As far as work goes, today is the last day the pool is open and my schedule is finally letting up. Last pay period I had 113 hours at my full time position alone. To say I was stressed and overworked is an understatement. I cried almost every night and now have a cold that I am trying to get over.

I looked at my schedule this week and saw that I have 2 days off and I couldn’t be happier!! I made it through the tough summer and now will be enjoying the fall!!

All of those hours worked means extra $$$!!! We used it towards something great and purchased our king size bed. We were sleeping on a full and let me tell you, we were cramped for space. I absolutely love our bed, despite the fact that I have to get a running start to get in it! 😉

Enough talk,here’s some pictures of recent activities!


Gas station coffee…multiple times…


And free gas station coffee!!

Pretzels while shopping for a bridal shower outfit with my Momma.


One of the pups!


Momma and her pups.


The nub…which is no longer a nub and a free flying finger!!

I got an A+ at my check up and the finger is healing well. I will probably lose the fingernail but hey, I have a finger tip!! I will spare you pictures. 😉


My mothers’s attempts to cheer me up during the pay period from hell.


All smiles.

My loving future husband forced me to sleep in and then took me to breakfast before I had to work last week when I was working non-stop, stressed to the max and crying every 5 minutes. I honestly don’t know what I would do without this boy. He is constantly looking our for my best interest and everyday I find that I’m falling more in love with him than I ever though possible. 🙂

So there you have it kiddies. Now that I have more time, I’ll be attempting to post more often, but no guarantees!! But of course you will see 5 million puppy pictures when Goosey comes home!!




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