Just the basics.

Some Things.

So let’s chat about some things.

The nub is still healing. Poor thing. Yesterday in the ED, some lady literally grabbed my nub and shoved it into her back to show me where she was having pain. I was so angry. I stormed out of the room, took 4 Ibuprofen and tried to fight back my tears of pain. It was quite awful. I’ve finished my antibiotic but still have to keep my nub covered up but am allowed to soak it in warm soapy water each day. It still hurts each day but it’s not looking so witch like. Winking smile

Winky nub love.

I have been reading this recently…

I think I’ve mentioned this before but this is the fitness guru who helps millions of people lose TONS of weight. The book basically details what exactly needs to be done to lose weight effectively. I have been following the eating plan, for the most part which consists of 1 low carb day (under 90 grams of carbs) as well as 1 high carb day. The low carbs days are centered around 5 meals with high protein and veggies with healthy fats, but little or no carbs. The high carb days are centered around 5 meals with again high protein but the good carbs (whole wheat, potatoes, oatmeal, etc) at each meal. It’s really not that hard to follow, but low carb days make you appreciate high carb days more, and it’s easier to maintain because you know you have a high carb day to look forward to.

So you alternate these back and forth, and are allowed either a few cheat meals in moderation or a full cheat day. I have been eating pretty clean recently so this is just a cycling of the carbs and calories, which is said to speed up your metabolism. Small tweaks here.

I have a busy schedule, as you all know, and have little time to get to the gym or get out to North Park to run. Also, the nub has made lifting hard. But now I have no more excuses (well soon). I recently ordered these puppies:


Xmark Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell
A set of adjustable 25 lb dumbbells. You can change the weight in increments of 5 from 5-25 pounds. I do a lot of lifting with dumbbells at the gym, so I figured if I had these at home, I could get a quick session in, even on my busiest days. I have also been including 30 minute runs around the neighborhood in, to get some cardio.

This all has stemmed from the fact that my wedding is less than 3 months away and I’m not 100% in love with my muscles and tone. I know I have to work hard to get lean, but I was really down a few days ago about my weight and lack of progress. I’ve decided no more excuses and I’m going to fit these workouts in since I have everything I need, and just need to put my motivation to it!

Anywhoo, I have to get off to work. Have a wonderful day all and let me know if you have any questions about carb cycling!! Smile

2 thoughts on “Some Things.”

  1. Oh wow that book does sound interesting I want to read it… I will do a google search and hopefully can get it here! 🙂 Yay for being lead to your blog… need lots of books to read as I can’t do much as I have a fractured back which sucks… but oh well… although I have to admit I am worried I am going to put on weight arghhh when I need to lose it! :-/

    Anyway hope you finger heals… that’s cute what you did with the bandage! 🙂


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