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No Grass Cutting for Life

Hi All.


Yesterday I did something very, very, very stupid. I was cutting the grass in doing a favor for Mike while he was sleeping after working an overnight shift. The grass was still kind of wet and on our lower level, we decided to just blow the grass out the side of the lawn mower instead of bagging it. The grass kept getting clogged through the side hole so I kept getting it out with my hand. Well, the last time I attempted to do this, yes all while the blade was running, the lawn mower won and my finger got struck by the blade.

I was immediately angry and frustrated at myself that I had done it that I didn’t even cry. It actually didn’t even hurt at the time, because of all the adrenaline so I immediately went into the garage, grabbed an old rag and attempted to call my Mom but of course she didn’t answer (so much for emergency contact). I then went upstairs and woke Mike up from a dead sleep to tell him that I was going to the ED to make sure it wasn’t broken and that it wasn’t that bad (or so I thought). He agreed and I told him I’d be back later.

The drive over to the ED 10 minutes away sucked. Everyone was driving so slow and my finger was really bothering me at that point. It was the one time I wish I was in an ambulance and had the lights and sirens. I was crying and screaming at people all at the same time. Looking back I probably shouldn’t have driven myself, hahah. Smile

I got to the ED, called my Mom and she came out, had an X-Ray done and found out that it was broken (the tip of my finger that is). I also sustained a laceration and some of the skin is missing so now it’s technically an open fracture (which is much more complicated than both a straight fracture or a straight laceration. It’s both combined. So after the practitioner numbed my finger up she got to scrubbing it out clean and suturing it back together. She told me the fingernail was lifted at the tip of my finger but still intact at the nail bed, which is a plus but that my fingernail might not grow normally. What did I care?? I still had the top of my finger attached!!

So I got some lovely antibiotics as well as some strong pain medicine, which actually hasn’t been helping much with the pain and was sent on my way.

Since this is the blogging community, and not the medical community, I’m not going to show you the gory picture of my finger before and after stitches, but needless to say it was bad and disgusting. I took as much of the pain medicine as I could at one time and during the shortest intervals that it will allow me to, and I’m still in pain. Being a PA I knew these injuries hurt, but damn. She also gave me 2 days off of work, while I have this weekend off, which means 4 days in a row off. I can’t even handle it.

I went to the hand surgeon today for a follow up appointment and he told me that it was indeed broken, but that I did not need surgery and that it wasn’t out of place. Thank heavens. Removing the bandages, having them move it around in the office, and then putting the bandages back on just about killed me. I got home from my appointment at around 10 and took some Vicodin. I then spent the next hour crying while I waited for the medicine to kick in. I didn’t sleep much last night either so I went up to bed and somehow fell asleep from 11-2.

I have spent the rest of the day on the couch, taking medicine every 4 hours and watching The Hangover Part 2, The Muppet Movie and now Breaking Bad. I never anticipated this to hurt this much and I cannot believe it. And it’s crazy because the medicine takes some of the pain away, but not all of it, like I was anticipating. I am so glad I got today and tomorrow off because there is no way I would be able to work. Every little bump, bend, and impact causes severe pain. I’m also right handed which makes life very hard. Trying to put my hair up, unbuttom my shorts and go to the bathroom hurts. I’m hoping this will feel better in the next few days and I won’t need the medicine as much.

So moral of this story: Do not put your hands or toes near a running lawn mower. EVER.

– – – – –

Some recent events in my life, on a positive note…

My loving fiancé.

My fiance and our good friend re-enacting the above picture. Winking smile

– – – – –

Other than that, nothing new over here. A few days of healing and hopefully I’ll be back to normal! Almost time for some more medicine, which is good because it’s hurting now! Winking smile

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