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The Best Day Off Ever

Hi guys! I’ve recently been a bad blogger, but such is life with a busy schedule. I have however, been reading all of your blogs…just not commenting! I’ve been keeping up with Janae’s little baby, Hollie’s recent kick ass running and swimming streak, and Allie’s delicious recipes!

This past Monday, Mike and I both had a day off and definitely took advantage of it!

We started the morning off by sleeping in a bit until around 8:30 AM. We got up and ate a small breakfast and then headed off to Nota Bene to pick out our wedding invitations! We picked something very simple yet elegent, because that’s pretty much been the theme of this wedding. We’re both excellent at compromising and very straight forward people, so the decision was pretty easy!

After making the easy decision, we decided to head out to pick out the guys’ tuxedos for the wedding. Again, we literally walked into the shop, saw one of the first mannequins with the color that matched, and said “That’s the one.” Seriously, they say wedding planning is this huge big deal, but honestly for me and Mike it really hasn’t been that terrible. I think it all depends on the personalities. Mike and I are very laid back and simple people, so decisions for us require minimal effort. My mom keeps saying that she doesn’t want us to rush into making decisions and just picking something for the sake of being done with it, but honestly, we are just able to make decisions very quickly. And I think that is the reason why I’m not super stressed about this whole wedding thing!

After again easily picking out the tuxs’, we headed out for lunch at our favorite quick place…CHIPOTLE. I could eat this food all day.

Burrito bowls are my favorite.

After scarfing down our lunch, we quickly changed into our swim suits and headed out to Washington PA/Charleroi to meet up with one of our good friends to spend the day out on the Mon (Monongahela river for you non-Pittsburghers). Our friend Tim has a speed boat and a jet ski, so needless to say we had soooo much fun. We went tubing, jumped off of a huge cement dock that is about 2 stories tall, and water skied! I had such a hard time the first time I went water skiing, that I couldn’t even get up. But the second time I was determined to do it and I did…and it is so hard! It’s seriously a full body work out. Mike was amazing at it and I was super impressed!!

After basically pooping ourselves out, we headed out on the boat to a restaurant right on the river. It was sooo good. We then headed back to the dock and finally home but not before catching this beauty…

What a beautiful view.

And finally after stopping by Tim’s house…his neighbor’s truck…

How bad ass is that?

So needless to say that was one of the BEST days off!!! We had sooo much fun and I wish I could do that everyday!

But now I’m finishing up my coffee in my UPMC cup…


I just can’t get away from it!

But now I’m off to work for the next few days with long hours. Boo. I can’t wait until I have more time off in the near future! Smile

Have a GREAT day guys!

4 thoughts on “The Best Day Off Ever”

  1. I nearly died laughing at that truck photo on facebook. I’m really glad to hear that the wedding is not stressing you out at all. You should do a series (granted you have time). So many people could learn from you and Mike’s methods LOL.

  2. WOMAN. Thanks for FINALLY updating your blog… just kidding. I took your advice and made another blog with a name i finally like and that I can do whatever with. Add me yo! LifeByLexis.blogspot.com

  3. I’ve heard about that 2 story dock! Crazy! I love that you and Mike just pick stuff for your wedding, it shows how compatible you are 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out about my recipes 😉

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