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Recent Life Events

It has bee quite a while since I posted anything so time for an update!!!

I have been working a ton these past few weeks…100 hours alone for the pay period at the full time job, plus a few 8 hour shifts at the part-timers. So working has been on the forefront. I actually don’t mind working that much, as long as I get a day off here and there and start late on some of the shifts, which is nice.

We picked out our wedding bands…


Sorry, I only have a picture of mine…mike didn’t want to pause for the cause for a picture of his!!

We also completed half of our registry at Macy’s and asked for a lot of awesome stuff!!! Including the Ninja blender, which I am totally obsessed with, and a Kitchen-Aid mixer!!! I can’t wait to have one to start baking!!!

We also spruced up our deck with new deck furniture and lights so we can actually see each other at night. I love the feel of it!!


I bought this lovely little thing for one of the two upcoming weddings at the end of July…


We’re meeting with our cake bakery this week to design and pick the flavor of our cake, as well as the florist later this month! We had our meal tasting this past week and it was awesome. We tasted filet mignon, flounder with crab imperial and parmesan chicken. They were all so delicious. I was set on the flounder and can’t wait to eat it again!!!

Nothing more really to report. Life is just busy but I am still loving my job and loving every minute!!!

3 thoughts on “Recent Life Events”

  1. I feel you on being busy. I’m always jealous of bloggers who blog about some exciting life event and I’m just like oh…all I do is run, sleep, and work…good times…lol. Love that dress BTW!

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