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My Favorite Holiday

In case you didn’t know, the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday!!! Mike and I both had the day off and spent it in the perfect way…

First we woke up after sleeping in a bit and headed off to purchase our new patio furniture…which I do not have a picture of because I’m lame, and it’s on Mike’s phone. It is beautiful though; a large metal table as well we 6 chairs that recline and swivel. We didn’t purchase an umbrella however, which we totally should have. Bummer.

We then attempted to assemble said furniture, which was much harder than expected in 90 degree heat. We gave up and got the table and half of the chairs assembled and then decided to eat lunch, well Mike did at least.

After finishing lunch, we got our bathing suits on and headed here…


The Public Pool…wah, wah, wahhhhh. It actually wasn’t that bad and I hadn’t been to this pool in a long time. We laid out, swam, listened to music together, and talked about our future (I love when we do this) of traveling and possibly purchasing a boat…we shall see.


Our nakedness!!

At around 3 PM, it started to thunder out of nowhere, and we decided to pack up our bags and head home. We each took showers and then started on dinner. Mike grilled two hamburgers and seasoned them so well (hidden valley ranch powder packets are where it’s at) and I made some homemade French fries. We enjoyed our dinner on our new furniture!!


We then picked up my mom and sister and headed downtown for some fireworks. Sorry, no pictures from there yet because they’re all still on my camera and I’m writing from my iPad!! I had a funnel cake downtown and the fireworks were AMAZING.

And lastly, enjoy this mutant bug that attacked me at the pool…


And how much I paid for gas the other day…


I got away with murder with that one!!

Oh yes! And some pictures from the strip when we went down for breakfast a few days ago!



My favorite!! Have a great day all!!!

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Holiday”

  1. Um what! Why is gas that cheep? I’m so jealous. I’m just glad it’s not like it was when I was in upstate…hovering at 4 dollars per gallon! It looks like you had an awesome 4th of July!

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