Just the basics.


Hey guys! I got a few seconds of down time this morning and thought I’d do a quick post!

Yesterday I was at McCandless and it was HOTT. We in EMS wear wool pants, a collared shirt, and ankle high steel toed boots!! Needless to say I had tons of swass and swoob, good times. I was with one of my favorite partners for 16 hours and despite the heat, we still had a good time. We are always fairly busy on Saturday’s during the afternoon and I always joke that we always miss my home remodeling shows! It’s so sad.

We were actually so busy that I missed my lunch and afternoon snack. Sad day. I made up for it when we got back to the base with 3 meals in a row, 2 hours apart while watching the Olympic Trials, until my jerk of a partner convinced me to help him give our truck a bath. 😉 This was the extent of my “helping”…


Man the hose and watch him do all of the work. 😉

It was actually a really good day and I was exhausted when I got home and totally passed out.

This morning though I managed to get my butt out of bed for a quick 30 minute run around my neighborhood before it got ridiculously hot out. Who am I kidding?? I was dying and had to stop twice. I hopped in the shower and then ate a quick breakfast and went to church with my Mom.

After church I headed to the grocery store and got all of my shopping done in less than 30 minutes. BOOM.

Now I’m waiting for my homemade French fries to cook for lunch and dinner with 10 minutes to spare before work.


Finishing my cup of coffee from this morning with my feet up!


Have a great day all!!! 🙂

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