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“Kids These Days”

This post is actually a “deeper” post, if that can happen over here at Antos Does Life.

Think about the title for a second. How many times has our younger generation heard that phrase from older adults. I know that as a Physician Assistant who just recently graduated a little less than a year ago, I hear from my older patients all the time how young I am, and that they’d like to see the Doctor, with no offense towards me.

It happens, I understand it completely, because it is their healthcare and their decision.

As a young adult though, I know that there are certain people within our generation who give us all a bad wrap. They sit around at home, with no job, smoking weed, drinking, and even doing some stronger and hardcore drugs. They have no work ethic, no motivation, and no concern for others.

But I would like to share a story with you that allowed me to change our older generation’s point of view on some of us youngsters. Monday evening I was working at McCandless on the wheel chair van, a service we offer to return patients back to their assisted livings or homes of residence. My last trip I found the patient’s room and was greeted by a frail older woman and her two daughters. I was going to be returning their mom from the hospital to her assisted living. Initially, it seemed as though the daughters had an attitude towards me, maybe because of my age, or maybe that’s just their demeanor.

The one daughter requested to drive with me in the van with her mother to the assisted living, which wasn’t a problem at all. As I got everyone loaded into the van, the one daughter began questioning me about my position and the training i went through to become an EMT. I told her that I trained in the south hills while attending school at Duquesne, and left it at that. A few minutes later the daughter realized what I had said and asked what I studied at Duquesne. I told her that I was a Physician Assistant.

She immediately became an entirely different person and was shocked that even though I work full time as a PA, I still maintain a part time job as an EMT. She was surprised, happy, and impressed that with my busy schedule, I still have time to do a job that I love.

After we got her mother to her assisted living residence, this daughter literally told every single employee we encountered that I was not only an EMT part time, but that I am also a PA in the ED full time. She said that she was so impressed with some of the youth today in the fact that we work so hard to make something for ourselves, instead of slacking off and making others do the work for us. She told everyone that she was in awe of my work ethic and willingness to help out the community in my spare time instead of wasting my time doing something unproductive or destructive.

In writing this, I have realized how many people I have met throughout my life including you blogging friends who do so much to help other people and be productive members in this society. I am constantly impressed with all of the blogs I read about other people working hard and achieving their goals while helping others.

I only hope that our generation can continue to set the bar high in our work ethic and morals, and that the few “delinquents” will not pull our reputation down, but will instead be the exception, and not the norm.

So if you’re out there working hard and making a difference in so many people’s life’s, keep it up! And if you’re not…get your butt out there!!!!!

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