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A Quick Little One

Hey guys! Things are a lot better over here on the working front! I finally got a morning off and actually have an entire day off tomorrow!!! How amazing!

Mike and I woke up early in search of some yummy breakfast and new patio furniture!! Breakfast was a bust on my part, but not when I got to enjoy the company of my fiancé. We went to Eat ‘N Park and I asked for scrambled egg whites and a bagel, since I am trying to keep my meals smaller and balanced while more often. The waitress/cook (I don’t know who to place proper blame on) gave me literally 2 egg whites that weren’t ever scrambled!!! I am so used to my full plate of egg whites!! But it was ok, I survived, only to eat two hours later and will have to eat more later tonight!!

I also couldn’t help taking a picture of this…


On that note, things are going great with the 5 meals a day thing. Yesterday was touch and go while I was on the wheelchair van, but I actually ate my meals in the van between trips, so it wasn’t a complete fail. I still notice that I have A TON more energy, and maybe some slight changes in my body, but not much yet!! It’s ok though because I really like eating frequently and I never feel starved! My next couple days are “higher” calorie days and I’m excited!! 🙂 I even snuck in an Oreo at lunch today!

After our breakfast fail, we headed to the Depot, Lowes, and Target for some patio furniture, none of which we liked enough to buy. Such is life. We will find some soon, I know it! It’s just frustrating that we have a great deck and nothing to sit out on!!

While at Target I noticed some nice planting pots that could be used for our front landing. W ended up buying them, then headed to Lowes for the perfect flowers!! We planted them as soon as we got home and now our house feels a little more like “home”.

Take a look for yourself…


And the final product!


Also, my father’s day present for my dad a week late!!


Have a great day all!! I’m off to work!!

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