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Happy Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my Momma’s BIG Birthday!!


This pretty lady is so young at heart I can’t even stand it. I admire her and look up to her always. I mean, look how fabulous she looks. I am actually looking forward to getting older, knowing that I have excellent genes from her! Winking smile

So yesterday I slept in until around 11:00AM when my fabulous man-candy of a future husband started banging pots and slamming cupboard doors to wake me up. He was lucky though, because he was making me his world famous wedding soup and grilled cheese combo, so I didn’t complain that much. I did really tell him that he needs to work on his cupboard door closing skills. It’s touch and go here.

After devouring lunch, Mike surprised me again and asked if I wanted to take a walk around our neighborhood together. I said sure, knowing that he would be heading to “bed” soon to transition to his evening shift last night. So we walked for about a half hour, afterwards he headed straight to the bed and I headed straight to the gym. I promised myself I wouldn’t feel so groggy if I spent some time with the eliptical and the stair climber. And it worked. I also lifted chest and triceps, which my arms now feel like jello.

After getting my good work out in, I got a quick shower at the gym and headed to Giant Eagle to surprise my Mom with a cake before working at the pool. Giant Eagle has some of the best cakes around if you’re just looking for a last minute thing without going to a bakery and ordering one. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, Oakmont Bakery is the best bakery around, in my books at least.

So I got to work and hashed out my July schedule since I finally got my full-time schedule, and then quickly started eating some of my dinner. Later I decided to attempt the tuna-melt-pretzel-warmer trick which worked just fine…

That is our pretzel maker in concession at my pool. Works just as well on Subway sandwiches, not that I have eaten approximally 15,000 in the past 10 years at the pool.

Then I noticed this gem…

Meat head carrot.

Seriously, that thing was on steroids. It was HUGE.

So on the night went with isolated thunderstorms that closed then re-opened, then closed the pool again. My mom came up to swim and just as she got in the water, it started storming again. So my Dad came up a little early and we got this ready…

Cookies and Cream!

Uh, Oreo obsession anyone? I accidentally bought trick candles and almost set our concession stand on fire. True story. Anywhoo, my Dad came up and my sister was there for lessons so we gathered up all of the guards, because they all know and love my Mom cause she’s at the pool allllllllll the time, and we all surprised her as she was talking to someone by singing “Happy Birthday” in front of all of the pool patrons. It was awesome. I swear she almost cried.

Then she tried to blow the candles out and they wouldn’t. Almost set the entire cake on fire. Trick candles  = worst decision of my life. But such is life.

All said and told, it was an excellent birthday celebration and I think she was legitimately surprised. I bought her a swim cover up (because she only asked 20 times for it) and a picture frame with one of the engagement pictures in it for her office. With my Mom, she drops subtle clues about things she wants, and then she forgets about them so by the time you buy it for her and surprise her she loves you all over again and says, “THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED!!!” It’s awesome. Smile

– – – – –

Today I am at a new hospital orienting that is literally 1.5 hours away from our house. Boo hiss. I’m going to get some new jams for the car ride so that I don’t fall asleep on the way! Hopefully this will be another decent site!

2 thoughts on “Happy Happy Birthday”

  1. Hope she had an awesome birthday. Giant Eagle is the best thing ever and I wish there was one around here! Also, Oakmont Bakery is amazing. Have you ever been to Moio’s in Monroeville? I love it there, too!

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