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Hi all!! Kennywood was FANNNNTASTIC!!! It was hot, the ice cream was cool and I loved every second of it!! As for today, I’m off at work but I didn’t want to leave you all hanging, so here are some random thoughts from me about positivity!! 😉 Oh, and some ice cream.


Annnnd a minion…


A few days ago, while at McCandless, one of my co-workers said hello to me first thing in the morning at 7am, and then said something to me that really surprised me.

“Nikki, I was talking to my wife and we decided that you are always positive. Whether you’re here at McCandless, working in the Emergency Room and we see you, or even your posts on Facebook. They’re always positive.”

Why did this surprise me? Because while I do make an effort to remain positive for the majority of my days, I never actually realized that it shows towards other people.

I personally believe that a positive outlook on life is really the only way to live. Negativity will get you no where. Neither will complaining every day.

My life is busy. And while that may be an understatement, I make every attempt to remain positive at my 3 jobs. I believe that more good comes from positivity than negativity. Yes I could complain about how many hours I work, or the lack of exercise that I have had in the past week, or the limited amount of time I get to spend with Mike, but I choose not to. And that is the difference. The choice we have on how we perceive each day.

Let’s face it, I love all of my jobs and I have no real reason to complain. I meet a lot of awesome people and I work with a ton of awesome people that make my job more fun each day. So after a while, my job doesn’t seem like much of a job anymore, which is exact what happens at McCandless. I look forward to coming to work and don’t mind the hours I’m working, the lack of time for exercise, and the limited time I have with Mike. The time I do get with him becomes more valuable than just mindless hours spend with each other.

And remaining positive takes hard work. Ad practice. Life can constantly bring you down, and it’s your job to remain afloat. Although its harder, it’s definitely worth it in the end because not only will more people respect you for positivity, but they look up to you and admire you for always being cheerful.

So while I attempt to be positive each day, because it makes my day a little bit better rather than complaining and making everything much harder than it should be, I never realized that it spread and was on display that much for someone to tell me that. And that actually makes me proud. I always like to be a positive example for people and I guess the fact that someone pointed it out took me aback a bit.

Just remember, just like Lance Armstrong said…

“Every negative can be turned into a positive.”

…and it’s true, if you’re willing to work hard enough to turn those negatives into positives!! 😉

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