Just the basics.

Hello? This is Bear.

My morning was spent sleeping in until 11:45, eating a Pop Tart, drinking my coffee, and watching HGTV’s House Hunters. My mornings are awesome.

Last night when I had hoped for a not busy shift in the ED, I jinxed myself because we were SO busy. People just kept coming in and I just kept picking up patients to try to help the doctor out. Eventually at the end of the night the doctor gave me a ton of thank yous and appreciation for working so hard and seeing so many patients. It actually wasn’t so terrible because the nursing staff was a rock star team last night. I personally believe when you have awesome co-workers, it makes the shift go really smoothly.

Today will be spent relaxing on the couch for the next two hours, and then heading to the pool for the evening.

And two important things:

Save the Date’s are licked, labeled, and sent!

Go us! We finished them up yesterday and today and people are starting to get them! As soon as the majority of our wedding guests get them in the mail, I will post a picture of them on here! They’re one of my favorite things!!

We’re going to Kennywood on Friday!!!

Most of you know that Kennywood is probably my most favorite place in all of Pittsburgh, second to my couch of course!!!


Friday Mike and I both have the day off so we had planned at least a month in advance that we were going to take this day to spend at Kennywood. Mike and I always go to Kennywood by ourselves once in the summer and once in the fall for Fright Nights! I am beyond excited!!!!! Bring on the Potato Patch fries and ice cream!!!!

And you all should be so proud of me! Thanks to my iPad, I have been able to keep up with posting and reading blogs. It’s amazing and I’m not sure how I lived before this thing! Smile


Hahahaha @Nikki Antoszewski

You’re welcome.

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