Just the basics.

A Day in the Life

I have never done one of these so I thought it would be fun!!

First of all, let me address the fact that yesterday I worked a 16 hour shift at McCandless and we ran 6 calls in the first 7 hours. We were so busy that me and my partner did not make it back to the station for lunch as all of our units were out and we had to “stage” in the middle ground of our service area. Needless to say we spend lunch time sitting in the Whole Foods parking lot, for about 5 minutes, until we got a call. After that we took turns driving and eating lunch so that we could both get our grub on.

All in told we ran 9 calls, which is the busiest shift I have ever had at McCandless. Usually we average about 2-3 calls per 8 hour shift but not yesterday. Those first 6 calls happened so fast, and then the rest of the night was spent playing Temple Run.

I am so bad, I’m good. Winking smile

Yesterday could have been much worse, if I had had a partner that I didn’t get along with or didn’t enjoy working with but my partner yesterday was awesome. Simple as that. In fact, there are very, very, very few people at McCandless that aren’t awesome, which is why I absolutely love that job!!

– – – – –

Anyways, onto “A Day in the Life.” Sounds like a soap opera, doesn’t it? Ahhh, but I digress. Here is a general “usual” day of Antos:

8:00 AM – Be woken up by Mike who is getting up to shower and get ready for work, then fall back asleep.

8:30 AM – Be woken up again by Michael after he is out of the shower and wanting to give you a goodbye kiss. (can you tell I am a light sleeper??)

9:00 AM – Legitimately wake up, get your butt out of bed and put your running shoes on. This morning was the first time that I have exercised in approximately 5 days. Also, eat one Oreo as a pre-run snack.

9:15-10:00 AM – “Run” at North Park and try to survive the 5 miles around the lake. Try not to get pissed at all of the soccer moms walking their dogs in your way, and try not to get hit by angry drivers who seem to think they are king of the road.

10:15 AM – Sneak to your parents house and steal something. Today that happened to be car wash. You think I’m joking. Last week was nail polish.

10:45 AM – Eat a protein shake and some toast with Nutella on it as your post run food and breakfast.

11:00 – 12:30 AM – Wash and wax your baby. Man, my car was dirty. And there are still areas where the highway squished bugs won’t come off of my paint. Ahhhh the luxurious life of a floater. 😉


12:45 AM – Realize that you have an unpaid parking ticket from 3 weeks ago that it now overdue when you spent 2 hours in Oakland. Seriously, love you City of Pittsburgh Parking Authority. Pay said parking ticket and scream at self for letting it be late that long.

12:47 AM – Check your company reimbursement to check to see if you will be getting paid back the $1,000 you spent on CME as well as gas money for the month of May.

12:48 AM – Realize that this Friday, not only will you be receiving a pay check from your full time job, but you will also be receiving one from your part-time job, as well as your reimbursement for your CME and May mileage.

12:49 AM – Not feel so super upset about that parking ticket realizing the amount of money that will be going into your bank account on Friday. CHA-CHING.

1:00 PM – Get out your new iPad and check Facebook, Twitter, and catch up on all of your blog reading that so far since receiving your iPad, you have been awesome with! Also, go through the 18 emails that you have received today alone.

1:05 PM – Prepare yourself to write your blog by grabbing these…

Only to discover this…


But then are relieved by this…


PHEW. That was close!!

1:30 – 3:45PM – Relax and veg on the couch while catching up on some of your favorite shows including AGT and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23. Probably do some browsing on the iPad on pinterest and other new blogs. Maybe eat lunch, or just continue to consume the newly opened Oreos.

3:45 PM – Start getting ready for work. Shower, pack lunch, make coffee and grumble because you now have to leave your comfy couch.

4:30 PM – Leave for work in your newly washed car!!

5 PM – 3 AM – Work, work, work. Pray that it won’t be busy. Work, work, work.

3:30 AM – Come home and wake Mike up (Hey! He did it this morning!) and then crash and prepare to do it all over again tomorrow!!

So there you have it, a day in my life. It may not always be exciting, but so far I’m loving it! Smile

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