Just the basics.

Sunday Funday

This post is brought to you from my lovely iPad again! I love this thing to death and am unsure how I survived previously without it.

Today I am also blogging from one of my places of work…


This weekend there is a swimming meet here at our pool so the entire pool is closed to the public and the guards are watching competitive swimmers all afternoon. A little bit of a change of pace and it’s a little chilly today making for an extra sleep afternoon.

So this morning I ended up purchasing for my phone the mobile hot spot setting so that my iPhone can now be my hot spot and my iPad can connect to it. This feature was $20 to add onto my plan and gives me 2GB of data, although I’m not really sure how much I actually use….and how much I will actually need. I’m currently only using it as needed to download and browse stuff where the Internet is not available. I haven’t quite decided if I am going to actually purchase a separate hot spot because it costs $50 for only 5GB of data use. No where can I find an affordable hot spot online. Its rediculous how much companies charge!! But like I said, I have no idea how much I’ll actually be using to say whether or not 2GB is going to be enough for me. We’ll just have to see!

Other than that I am working on some continuing education for my Physician Assistant certification, which I will explain in a later post because it’s wayyy to much information for one post! I just wanted to get a quick post out there, while I work on more drafts! 😉

Enjoy your Sunday all, and make sure to relax some today!!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Funday”

  1. So jealous you can supervise and internetasize. My pool doesn’t have any internet conenction anywhere remotely close. Lame.

    The day I supervise a competitive swim meet at the Cav…is well…never.

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