Just the basics.

New Toys!

Hi all!!!!

I have been super busy over the past few weeks. Wedding plans are quickly approaching and backing up on me all while I’m trying to balance three jobs. Needless to say I have learned one important aspect about planning: delegate everything. I have been asking my bridesmaids, maid of honor, and Mike to help out with some of the planning because I have discovered that I cannot do everything on my own, despite what I believe.

So far things are coming together quite nicely. I have ordered the bridesmaids dresses, gotten my dress, just about finished the save the dates, and somewhat have an idea about center pieces. Yay! Things are quickly approaching and I couldn’t be more excited!!!

Also, I am writing this to you from my brand-spankin’ new and free iPad!!! The company that I work for gives us continuing education money each year to spend however we want on resources to further our requirements for our certifications. I found one that gives you 3 years of continuing education material as well as a FREE iPad when you buy the education materials. It was the best of both worlds! So I just picked up my iPad today and I love it!!!


P.S. that’s what our future puppy is going to look like!

Tonight I work an overnight shift at a hospital about one and a half hours away from our home and the last time I worked this shift until 4 AM I attempted to drive home very, very, very sleepily. It was not good. And lucky for me my company will reimburse me for times when I need to spend the night at far away sites. So tonight, that’s exactly what I’m going to do…hit up the Holiday Inn for some quality pillow face time. I seriously love my job and my company and am so lucky to have found an employer like this!!

But for now I am off to do some relaxing before work with my iPad!! 🙂

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