Just the basics.

10 things….

10 Things I Have Learned From Buying/Moving to Our Own House.

1. The bills never stop coming.
Coming from a family where I was very lucky to have my parents pay for a lot of my things, it’s been a little bit of an adjustment having to pay bills every month. But just as the bills keep coming in, I am very blessed to have the 3 jobs that I do love and that pay really well and allow me to support my expenses.

2. It is amazing…amazing to have your own space.
I moved 5 minutes away from my family but trust me, that 5 minutes makes a huge different. I was never the type of person that HAD to get out of my parents house, and I appreciate everything they have provided for me, but it was so nice to finally branch out. My own rules, my own furniture, and my own space.

3. The grass always needs cut. Every week.
So far I have been “lucky” on this respect as Mike has been willing to cut our grass every week. But then again, I actually enjoy cutting grass so it probably wouldn’t even be a chore for me!

4. New stuff is expensive.
I guess I never realized it but buying things for a house like furniture, food, and even cleaning supplies is expensive!! I go to the grocery story with Mike once a week when we can and I sometimes honestly stand there thinking “do we really need that?” But then Mike just buys it anyways and I just eat it anyways, so it’s a lose-lose situation. Like those Oreos we had for 0.2 seconds.

5. Sleeping next to someone in the same bed is a HUGE adjustment.
The first night we spent the night in the house together, I didn’t sleep more than an hour I think. Having someone in your personal space, right next to you, where you should be sprawling out across the bed is hard to get used to. I still have some nights where Mike talks in his sleep and squirms all around that it constantly wakes me up. Luckily in the past few nights I have been SO tired that I just go straight to bed and don’t wake up until my alarm goes off. You definitely get used to it…but it takes some time.

6. You cannot go more than 1 month without a vacuum.
Trust me. This happened. It wasn’t pretty.

7. Make sure you find a significant other or roommate who is willing to split the chores and the work with you.
This is HUGE. The whole “women stay inside and clean and men go outside and do yardwork” doesn’t even exist in this house. With our work schedules being so busy, there would be no way for me to do all of the laundry, clean the entire house, grocery shop, and cook while working a 40 hour/week full-time job and a 16 hour/week part-time job. It just doesn’t happen. So I am so thankful that Mike is there for me and willing to pick up some of the extra stuff. The house would be a mess if he didn’t. So thank you Mike. Smile

8. Having a garage to park your new car in is heaven.
Raining outside? Sleeting? Snowmagedon? Not a problem, as I technically never have to go outside to brave the elements because my car is just downstairs! After not having my car in a garage all through high school, this is just a treat!

9. It’s great to have space to entertain people in.
In college, entertaining is a little different than the adult world. But not entirely. Last weekend I had 2 friends over, Kevin and Micah and Kevin ended up bringing Luna, his puppy who literally sniffed the entire house. It was such a relaxing night as we just sat back, watched TV and drank some beer. It’s great to have a space to just have people feel comfortable in.

10. Walking into a house you love everyday never gets old.
Before we bought this house, we had a lot of drama with another house. We ultimately let that house go and kept looking. 6 months later we stumbled upon our current house and when I walked into the open house with my Mom, I fell in love and said, “This is it.” Granted it was a bit out of our price range, but we were willing to work for it. 4 months later, I love coming home and walking into our house. I love relaxing in our living room and cooking in our kitchen. I love our huge Master Bathroom. In the end, it was totally worth the wait and sometimes I still can’t believe we’re actually living here!

– – – – –

Yep, you totally read that right. Mike and I are purchasing a puppy in the next few months. Technically the puppy hasn’t even been conceived yet, but that’s just small details. What kind of puppy are we buying?!?!…


We were originally going to purchase a Husky, but after further research we decided it wouldn’t be the best to buy a dog to run with if they’re not the greatest in the heat. We did some more research and still wanted a “unique” dog and stumbled upon the Vizsla. My friend Kevin like I said has a German Short-Haired Pointer and the Vizsla is a cousin to that breed.


So over the past 3 weeks we’ve been in contact with various breeders and finally found one we like! We have a deposit on a male Vizsla who will be ready to go home in mid to late September! Vizsla’s are a breed that is full of energy and require a lot of exercise. They are the perfect running companion and their nick name is the “Velcro” breed as they follow their owners around everywhere. They also don’t give off that smelly-dog smell at all and have short hair, which is great for people with allergies.

We are soooo excited to be getting a puppy!! It will definitely be a transition, trying to take care of him and exercising him, but I know this is going to be a great decision and a perfect way to start our lives together! Smile





5 thoughts on “10 things….”

  1. yes, I so agree with all of these. The grass cutting is never-ending. My husband cute the grass luckily but I feel like I am constantly weeding, trimming, raking, etc. It’s so worth it to have a yard for a new puppy to play in though…yours is SO cute!!! Congrats on the new home and puppy!

  2. Ahhh a puppy!!!!! So cool!! And yes, paying for bills and random things is the worst. I just moved into an apartment by myself and didn’t realize how much stuff I had to buy to make it perfect! There went all my money! haha

  3. Vizlas are the best running dogs! Woo!!! 🙂

    I bet it’s so nice to have a garage, I’m super jealous haha my car has been hit twice because my parents have me park in the street 😦

  4. Ah I can’t wait for you to get a dog. He’ll be awesome for running and be a blast to hike with.

    I really like this post. I’m always wondering what it would be like to live with someone you love, and have a house to pay for and take care of.

    I’m excited for the two of you 🙂

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