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Mud on the Mountain

Hey guys! My weekend as a HUGE success!! I told you guys a few days ago that I was going to be doing the Mud on the Mountain run at 7 Spring…

Well I did…and it was awesome!!! I ran it with a good friend from high school who also conveniently (for showering) owns a townhome at 7 Springs. We had an early morning wake up call at around 5:00AM where I got my Zone Bar on and my coffee in. It takes us about an hour to get up there, and our heat was the first heat at 8:00AM. 7 Springs is where I spent a lot of my time in high school skiing. I had a season pass and went every weekend. I skied only with guys and loved it because they’re more adventurous (going through unmarked trails in the woods, jumps, and restricted areas!)

We checked in and read the funny descriptions of the random obstacle courses…

DSC_0002 - Copy 
My favorite was probably the Trout Line.

We then started taking some “before” pictures to have as a comparison. I wore the rattiest clothes I own because I didn’t want to ruin any of my good running clothes.

True story: I never wear my engagement ring to any of my races.

DSC_0006 - Copy
It was early…

And my biggest fan was there.

We then got called to the starting line for our heat at around 7:40.

DSC_0015 - Copy
Two thumbs up before we knew what we were getting into.

And finally we were off!!

And headed straight UP the ski slopes. Pure quad torture.

Our first obstacle that my mom was present for was the giant slip and slide…


DSC_0030 - Copy


It was so much fun…but SO COLD. I honestly wasn’t anticipating getting entirely soaking wet!

We the headed up through the wooded trails, over more ridiculously steep ski slopes, under some barb wire, and finally to the pond where my Momma saw us.

DSC_0040 - Copy

DSC_0043 - Copy
Please note my “This water is so cold” face.

DSC_0044 - Copy

Again, like I said before, I was totally not prepared for the cold water, or the fact that we had to go UNDER those barrels!

The next obstacle was the up and overs…

DSC_0046 - Copy
I was on the ground for many of these…

We then continued through the trails, alternating walking and running whenever because HEY, we just ran a marathon 1 week ago. The entire race itself was 7 miles so mentally we were thinking it wasn’t so bad. Once you finish a marathon, every other race is like a walk in the park.

We eventually got out of the woods and back into sigh of my Mom where she captured us going into the lake again…


John decided he was hot and wanted to take a dip.

We really did have a good time.

We then headed to the North Face of the mountain where we spend several miles running literally down the ski slopes. And those puppies are not gentle slopes, they are straight down at some points! We headed around a large bend on one of the ski trails where they had it COVERED in mud and with the snow makers on. There were a few guys who dared me to go face first on my belly, but I yelled back at them saying “Yeah, so I can have a rock strike me in the head?!” I literally just wanted to make it down on two feet, but that definitely didn’t happen. I slipped and fell sliding a good 10 feet on my butt.

We got to the bottom of the ski slopes and my initial thought was “We’re going to have to climb our way back to the top again” which immediately made me grumble. At the bottom of one ski lift they had an obstacle where there was 2 ropes; one for your hands above your head and one for your feet that you walked across. Beneath your feet was a 12 foot pond of ICE cold water. Colder than the water I told you about before. Luckily we made it across without any slip ups.

We started then to make our way back up the mountain. There was a lot of uphill and rocky trails, so we walked most of it because we were tired. Finally we reached the top and ran into the wall…


Teamwork always wins.

DSC_0067 - Copy


We made it over the walls (there were 2) and onto the hay. I literally flung myself onto the hay.

DSC_0083 - Copy

We then went dumpster diving into yep, you guessed it…MORE ICE COLD WATER.

Getting ready to take our turn.

The lifeguard instructing us that yes, we do have to go under the board, and yes, it is about 2 feet down.

Thumbs up to ice cold water.

Careful not to slip.

We then headed to the home stretch…straight down the slopes and straight into what is left of the snow on the mountain. This snow pile was about 3 stories high and you guess it, made entirely of ICE.


The side we ran up was almost a 90 degrees and trying to get footing was impossible. Then you got to the top and got to tear your ass muscles apart by sliding back down the ice…


And crashing at the bottom.

We finished in 1:40, which was pretty good for walking/running/doing all of the obstacles.



We then got cleaned off and enjoyed more FREEZING COLD WATER…



– – – – –

Overall the Mud on the Mountain race was a GREAT experience. I would definitely do this race again next year, even 1 week after the marathon. It was so different and challenging that it didn’t even feel like a real run…or maybe that’s just the ice cold water talking. Winking smile

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