Just the basics.

A Few Quick Things…

1. I signed up for this on Saturday with a friend…

A week after a marathon and I’m doing another race. WHO AM I?

I was driving home late last night thinking about my racing and running routine and decided I wanted to be more spontaneous about it…so I am. By running 7 miles through the hardest terrain around with random obstacles thrown in. Should be fun. Winking smile

2. They have Graham Central Station at our local Brusters. That is all.

3. New ED sites love to harass the Floater PA’s…

Who doesn’t love some Cameltoe?

– – – – –

That is all. I am off to work again! Have a great day guys! Winking smile

5 thoughts on “A Few Quick Things…”

  1. LOL. Just the word cameltoe grosses me out. Now I will have disturbing images whenever I sip from my water bottles.

    Have a great time at that race! Looks hardcore and fun 🙂

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