Just the basics.


First of all…



My baby sister and graduated from college last night!!! Technically she “walks” tonight for her actual school graduation but still.

I am so proud of her and all of her hard work. She really has earned her degree. From spending 1 year at Gannon all alone, to being a Resident Assistant as well as working 2 other jobs during the school year, she has finally earned her degree and her title as a Duquesne Alumni!!!

What a cutie.

Can you find her??

Winking smile

My two all-time favorite people. Period.

She get it from her Mamma, and her Pappa.
Absolutely precious.


I am sooo proud of you!!

Again, my favorite people. (My mother also took this picture…clearly she doesn’t know how to center people…)

So congratulations Alexis, you have earned it and we are so proud of you! Take today…and next week on your cruise to celebrate!! Have a drink on me! Winking smile

– – – – –

In other news, the Pittsburgh Marathon is TOMORROW!!! I picked up my packet yesterday with my race number and shirt! I also created my play list last night with a TON of Super Mash Brothers and rap music. I think that’ll last me the 12 miles after Kevin breaks off from me. Smile

Like I said before, I don’t really have a huge goal for tomorrow, especially with temps being a little bit warmer than normal. I plan to enjoy the race and possibly PR/go under 4. Just running another marathon is an accomplishment in itself and I’m excited for number 4!!!

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