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So the little bloggy-blog got a bit of a face lift. It was a little to old for me so I decided to switch it up. I hope you like it!

– – – – –


So the marathon hasn’t even occurred yet but I’m already thinking about my plans for after the long 26.2 mile jaunt. I haven’t completely abandoned the idea of completing a marathon in the fall, however I am definitely leaning in the other direction.

Our wedding is in November and I know that it’s going to be a busy time, getting everything ready, working, and de-stressing my mother. Add marathon training in on top of that and I might as well just gauge my eyes out with a pen right now. Instead of doing one long marathon in the fall, I’m thinking about doing multiple shorter races like 5k’s, 10k’s, and half’s. I haven’t run any of those races in a long time and honestly, I’m really interested in seeing how fast I can get over the next few months.

Realistically, I would love to get my half time down to around 1:40, my 10k time to around 45 minutes, and my 5k to around 22-23. I used to be able to run a 5k at my fastest at 21:00. That was in high school, with consistent training. I would LOVE to get back down to that, and although it may seem hard at this point, it’s going to be up to a lot of speed training and consistent training. This type of training is totally different than marathon training.

Marathon training basically consists of going out and running slow for 2-3 hours at a time. Occasionally you’ll throw in a speed workout of a tempo or repeat 800s, but nothing is fast. Like make you want to puke after your last 400 repeat fast. I honestly want to experience that again, and experience me pushing my body as hard as I can during a track, tempo, or hill workout.

Now obviously, all workouts won’t be like that, but there will be at least 1-2 runs a week that will require a full effort.


Again, eating for marathon training is totally different than halfs, 10ks, or 5ks. You basically NEED to be eating enough to refuel yourself after your 2,000 calorie burning runs.

After the marathon, I would like to keep closer track of my nutrition. I am trying to fit into a wedding dress here! I’m thinking of upping my lean protein and attempting to eat more natural foods rather than processed foods. I really want to be self-sufficient and be able to cook healthier meals.


I also hope to get back out on my bike more this summer. It’s currently at my parent’s house, but definitely fits into the back of my Jeeper. I also want to start getting into a regular lifting routine. And for me, I honestly think I am going to have to buy my own weights for home because I cannot consistently make it to the gym. I mean honestly, we have 3 bedrooms that are not being used as well as a basement. I think I can find somewhere to get my lift in. I just need to get a set of dumbells and this is what I’m thinking of…’



Jillian Michaels Dumbbells.

These cost about $70 but adjust from 5 lbs to 25 lbs, which is clearly enough for me to get buff. I can’t even imagine lifting anything more than 25 lbs!

Plus having them at home gives me no excuse to get my lift in. And I could even incorporate some P90X in with these.

– – – – –

That’s about all I have come up with for my post-marathon plans. I have thought a lot about racing shorter distances and then doing another full in the spring after our wedding. I just know that if I plant to do one in the fall, I will end up being the biggest sleep deprived bridezilla around.

Fun fact: Google Bridezilla and above is what you will find…

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