Just the basics.

Fun Happenings

I cannot get enough of this song…

It is seriously, SO GOOD.

Seriously, it’s my jam right now.

So I’m gearing up for the Pittsburgh Marathon this weekend! I’ve been tapering to about 4 or 3 mile runs this week and making sure I’m getting extra sleep at about 9 hours each night. I’m also making sure I’m eating enough during the day and trying to get in some healthy carbs. I’m all about apples, strawberries, and grapes at this point. But we can’t forget the important Double Stuf Oreos! Winking smile


She’s my bestie.

She’s finally finished with all of her finals, awaiting her grades and gearing up to graduate this weekend and then head off the Caribbean with her boyfriend fro a 7 day cruise!! HOW LUCKY! She’ll be in Florida when I’m running 26.2 miles. I don’t think I thought that our very well!!

I’m so proud of her and am excited for her as she starts her career in the working world!! She has definitely earned it!!

So while she is all finished with school, she is moving out of her studio apartment where she was a Resident Assistant and back home to the suburbs. She has taken the liberty of bring all of her dishes, pots, pans, and tupperwear to our new house, since we have next to nothing. This being said, she also does not have a dishwasher at school and apparently had a hard time washing said dishes as she brought them to my house with a weird “greasy” film to them. Needless to say this is what I spent this morning doing…

Just call me Mrs. Clean.

But before doing that, I enjoyed this delicious puppy:

Egg white omelet with american cheese, garlic powder, and toast with cream cheese…since we now have a toaster (thanks to my sister)!!!

On another note, my wonderful fiance decided to bake cookies the other day. Mind you these were cookies straight from a tub in the freezer but nonetheless, he still made the effort. However, his excuse that we “don’t have a cooling rack for the cookies” resulted in a pile of this…


You may not be able to tell from that, but that is a HUGE pile of cookies just stuck together because they were still warm and soft when he put them into this tub. I swear you have to eat it with a spoon.

Annnnnd since we’re on a roll here with randomness, a sad event in my life…

Speedy hit 7,000 miles the other night.

All of that driving to New Castle and Uniontown is killing my little baby. But then again, that is the purpose of the Jeeper. Winking smile I still love that baby so much!

– – – – –

So I have recently set a goal for myself for the next few months.

I would like to read 50 books by the New Year.

That being said, I would like to spend more time reading and less time watching TV. I mean, I still want to watch my weekly shows, but on my days off and during my spare time, instead of sitting on the couch watching pointless TV I’d rather be exercising my brain and getting myself into a good book.

So for now I have a ton of books on my Kindle that a fellow practitioner loaded on (for free!) that I need to get through as well as finishing up my current read…


Another Civil War Book

True story: that book looks so crappy and old because I spilled egg whites on it about 2 years ago when I never finished it the first time! GO ME!

But while I’m on this goal to read this many books, I would love to hear some suggestions of your favorite books so that I might check them out!

My favorite book of all time is…


Again, the Civil War junkie in me cannot get enough of it. It’s a love story, it’s a war story, it’s SOOOOOOOO GOOD.

If I read a book again does that technically count towards my 50? Cause I’m definitely thinking about hitting this one up again! Winking smile

2 thoughts on “Fun Happenings”

  1. Gosh you are so busy. I can’t handle it. Anyways-first tell your sister, I’m super jealous of her. Ha-my school doesn’t get out for 2 more weeks! Anyways, you are going to do so well at the Pittsburgh marathon. I can’t wait. I wish I had decided to sign up for the half instead of the half I did last weekend. Next year. 🙂

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