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Picture Perfect

Hi guys! Long time no post! Winking smile

Work has been busy but I’m still absolutely loving it! It has officially been 6 months since I graduated and started working in the Emergency Departments and I can honestly say I still love my job and every single day of work. I actually still love being a “floater” and haven’t started to mind the driving at all yet! I think that’s because I have my baby Jeep to keep me happy!

photo (20)

The second love of my life.

So this past week was busy with working night shift, followed by picking up some furniture for our bedroom that we got at a steal from someone moving, and then getting our engagement pictures taken. I can only show you guys a few of the pictures because we’re still deciding which pictures to use for our save the date, but let me tell you they turned out fabulously! Our photographer, who will also be doing out wedding, was so much fun and very relaxed. I felt so comfortable with him, which is great because taking pictures can be totally awkward sometimes!

So here are some of the pictures that we liked, but obviously not as much as our favorites (which I can’t show you!)

nm (29 of 292)

nm (77 of 292)
Winking smile

nm (123 of 292)
Look at that mural!!!

nm (217 of 292)
nm (263 of 292)

So those are some of the pictures, but like I said until we pick our Save the Date’s, I can’t show you the best ones!

– – – – –

Today I have a day off! Smile I looooove days off. And I love Saturday’s off mainly because I get to watch this show…

Love me some reality TV.

I am SUCH a SUCKER for reality TV and I love to watch them completely gut these houses and make them beautiful!! It’s like my guilty pleasure to watch these shows for 3 hours on Saturday’s.

And later me and my Momma are going to look for a Dyson for out house!

Only the best vacuums around.

In case you didn’t know, I am obsessed with Dyson’s. I think they are the greatest things around. And yes, we have been living in our house for 1 month without a vacuum. Story of our lives.

– – – – –

Do you have any weird obsessions or Guilty Pleasures like my “Flip This House” or Dyson obsession??

4 thoughts on “Picture Perfect”

  1. Guilty pleasure I used to have was watching Say Yes to The Dress marathons. It got to the point I had to stop watching because I had already seen a lot of the episodes, or they were showing the same ones over again.

    Hope you find a Dyson for your house! 🙂

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