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I did it. I did my last long run for marathon training!!!

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Although this is week #3 before the marathon, and most people begin tapering this week, I had been slacking and having a few couple rough weeks with running and decided to man up and do 20 miles 3 weeks before the marathon. But from now on, it’s taper time and I love it!!

This morning’s run was oddly fun. I ran the first 8 miles without music and then being the mean person that I am finally “allowed” myself to use my iPod shuffle. I did a really bizarre run where I went out on a loop for 7, added on a mile for 8, added on another mile for 9, went out for another loop for 8, then added on 1 more mile to make it 20. I’m not sure that all adds up because I’m obviously not a mathematician, but my Garmin says 20 miles and I’ll take it.

Of note (ugh that is such medical talk coming through) I ran the last 5 miles at like 8:45-9:00 and then my final mile was at 8:15. Seriously? I was actually thinking as I was finishing up if I would feel OK if I had to do the 6.2 more like in the marathon, and I think I would be ok. My legs were starting to yell at me (I was wearing shorts, it started to rain, my legs got cold and my knees weren’t happy) but I think if I had kept my pace consistent in the end at around 9 minute miles, I would be fine. I started out at around 9:15 and would not let my body go faster. I felt like I was running so slow but honestly, my biggest downfall is that I start out too fast and then die. I started out reasonable today and felt great. At least I’ve figured out my weaknesses! Winking smile

– – – – –

Yesterday I worked a 16 hour shift at the ambulance company and had not one, but two accidents on I-79, a major highway near Pittsburgh. Let me preface this by saying: IF YOU DO NOT WEAR YOUR SEATBELT, START WEARING IT NOW. I cannot be a bigger advocate for that after seeing multiple car accidents where people do not fare well after being in an accident and unrestrained.

Yesterday’s accident’s weren’t terrible by any means, but the accident we took the week before was. Last I heard one of the victims was still in the ICU, intubated, and bleeding from his lungs. Yesterday’s accident also occurred because someone decided to use the emergency turn around (which is illegal), pull out directly in front of a tractor trailer, and get rear-ended by said tractor trailer. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. Things do not end well.

So for everyone’s safety, including your own, please wear your seatbelts. I just cannot stress that enough. It makes me very sad to see young people disobeying this law and ending up with very serious and life threatening injuries…and we’re the first ones to help them.

– – – – –

On a not so depressing note, today is my day off!! I also work night shift tomorrow so I feel like I have 2 days off! I’m like a normal working person with the weekend off!! Smile I think soon me and Mike are going to go get something to eat and I am going to go to a local running store to purchase some compression socks! I’m excited!! My first pair!

Then I will spend the rest of the day on the couch watching Hulu or NetFlicks, eating Double Stuf Oreos and rehabing my legs.

Does anyone else not understand why Double Stuf Oreos only have one “f” in the “Stuf”????

4 thoughts on “BRING ON THE TAPER!!!”

  1. Wowza to your work with the ED … I hate car accidents… so scary and often preventable!

    Also, great job on your last long run! I can’t believe the marathon is almost here.. I am SOOO excited for you!

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