Just the basics.

Quick Shifts

I know you all heard but seriously?! 85 degrees at Boston?! I am praying that Pittsburgh is not that warm. If it is, I’m going to have go to Skinny Runner style and re-adjust my goals to actually survive the marathon. We all know what happened when I ran Baltimore, went out to fast, drank too much water and threw up at mile 21. Good times.

So please let Pittsburgh marathon day be decent!

– – – – –

Today I worked at an ED close to my home and it was nice…with the exception that it was super busy. Super busy as in like 18 people signed in at one time. It chilled down after a little while but it was a nice day with some good doctors. I also only worked a 9 hour shift compared to my usual 12 hour shifts and that was amazing.

Afterwards I went and got a 5 mile run in. I wanted to run slow but seriously my body does not want me to. It’s like my mind takes over and makes me feel guilty if I run slower than a certain speed. It’s super frustrating.

Afterwards I made myself some dinner and am now watching GCB. Have any of you watched it yet??

Good Christian Bitches

It’s really funny. It makes me laugh and is very different. The best part is that it’s on Hulu Plus, meaning that now that we have our wireless thingy (I wish there was a technical term for it), it’s right on our TV!

Now if I only I could find some more shows to watch tonight…Winking smile

4 thoughts on “Quick Shifts”

  1. I haven’t ever watched GCB. I heard there was some controversy over the show – guess people were upset about it? I’m not really sure, would have to look up what I read again. Glad you’re enjoying it though. When is it on? Maybe I’ll check it out sometime.

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