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Quickly Approaching

The Pittsburgh Marathon is quickly approaching, and this past weekend I had a God-awful run. I was supposed to do like 20-22 miles but certain circumstances came about that forced me to start late (around 9:00 instead of 6AM) and by that time the temperature was up in the 70’s. I started out ok, but a little too fast and ended up dying around miles 9-10. I gave up and called it a day at mile 13. Sometimes you have good running days, other times you struggle to hang on. I was pretty upset with myself because I didn’t get my 20 in, but I have re-adjusted my attitude and taken into account the amount of hours I have been working over the past two weeks.

Thus far in training I have completed a few 15 and 16 milers, one 18 miler, and one 20 miler. That’s more than last year for sure, when I took 3 weeks off due to my IT Band! I’m confident about the marathon; I know I’ve run 26.2 miles before and I know I can do it again, even without having complete this past weekend’s 20 miler. I have about 2 weeks until marathon time and I’m debating whether or not to go long this weekend in an attempt to make up for last weekend, but then again I should be tapering. It’s a toss up, really.

Either way I’m praying for a cool marathon day. Heck, I’ll even take some rain. I’m not ready for this 80 degree running weather non-sense. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but it definitely is not my favorite running season!

– – – – –

Last night I worked about 5 hours orienting at a new hospital to nights. I was actually with my previous ED preceptor and it was so nice to catch up. I maybe say 4 patient’s in about 5 hours, but then it got slow around 2 AM and I decided to head home as it was an extra shift and I like my sleep. Winking smile

This morning I slept in a bit, ran some errands, and then came back to do a little bit of this…

photo (17)
Yep, that’s studying material right there.

In the next few weeks, I have to work at some ER’s where PA’s are expected to see more complicated patients. So I decided to brush up a little and do some studying just to refresh myself. These few shifts won’t be terrible, but they’ll definitely be more demanding.

Then I did a little of this…

photo (18)
Walking Dead

I have fallen in love with this show. Yep, it’s about zombies. Yep, it’s awesome. It’s really awesome because we subscribed to NetFlicks and our internet thingy came for our TV so now we can watch Hulu and NetFlicks right on the TV with a push of a button. I love it!

– – – – –

And later I’m off with one of my bridesmaids to look for possible bridesmaids dresses! Should be fun!

Enjoy this beautiful Pittsburgh weather all!

5 thoughts on “Quickly Approaching”

  1. I loved last year’s misty weather! I am hoping for good weather for you! I think I will be walking, so it won’t be as bad for me! And don’t let that run get you down…you are still going to kick serious butt!

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