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Speed Work

Happy Friday!!! I am super happy because….IT’S A PAY DAY FOR ME! And I just so happened to have worked 103 hours at my full-time job this pay period, as well as 16 hours at my part-time job…which equals BUCCU BUCKS!!! Smile I think I’m going to treat myself this morning by ordering some new shirts and swim suits from Victoria’s Secret! Our honeymoon is only 7 months away!!!!

So yesterday I decided to wake up early before my 12 hour shift and get what was supposed to be an “easy” 5 miles in because I had done P90X the night before. I started out at a decent pace, around 8:45 but I was feeling good. I ended up just going with my body and letting my body dictate my run rather than my Garmin, and ended up with the next few miles at 8:15, and then the last two at 7:45. Keep in mind this was all without much effort as my body just got into a rhythm. It was awesome!

This weekend I had a truly easy run planned for Saturday and then I’m going long Sunday with either 20 or 22 miles. It’s my last long run before marathon time and I’m feeling good!

On a different note, I’m thinking about starting to change the way I’m going with my running. I would really like to start running shorter races and improving my times. I haven’t done much research on it yet, but am looking for help! So if any of you have any recommendations of books or articles that give information about improving your speed, PLEASE SEND THEM MY WAY! I really want to get faster and work harder this summer!

– – – – –

And that’s about all that’s going on now. Recently I’ve liked keeping my blog posts shorter because I sometimes like reading quick and to the point posts rather than things that drag on forever. Today I’m working another 12 hour shift, but it’s not so terrible. I got to sleep in this morning and see Mike for a few hours after he came home from working night shift. Smile

Pinned Image

In case you were curious, I did buy this dress for 3 weddings this summer. Smile

What is your favorite clothing/dress store??

I actually really love Victoria’s Secret. I wish they had their clothes in stores though.

2 thoughts on “Speed Work”

  1. I also like shorter blog posts. I hate blog posts that take forever or that are never ending…Anyways-I have read that doing some shorter runs and races actually improves your half and full marathon times because it teaches your legs to move faster. I know Runners World had an article out but I can’t find it now (of course).

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