Just the basics.

Wednesday Musings

Hi guys!

Quick post here, as I am currently at work (on the ambulance) and somewhat at a “dull” moment as we are just hanging out waiting for some calls! I never thought about posting from my phone but for quick posts, it definitely is an option! I would like to start posting more often each day, even if only three people are reading the blog. 😉

I worked all days over the weekend and finally had two days off yesterday and Monday. Monday I slept in and after making some of these yummy crepes for breakfast…


We headed out to try to find my mom a mother of the bride dress. And while we found a few, my mom wasn’t entirely ready to commit.

Yesterday I woke up early and had planned to do a “long” run at around 8-10 miles but once I got out there, my mind wasn’t in it. Sometimes you just have those kind of days and there is NOTHING you can do about it.

I then spent the day in front of the TV watching Walking Dead through my computer via Netflicks…


…while doing laundry while Mike slept as he had to work overnight last night.

I also recently got my hair cut…


…weird face, I know.

And today I’m working at my part time job, which I absolutely love…although I like days off a little bit more!

Any new shows you all have been getting into?

Walking Dead, Alcatraz, Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, and New Girl!

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