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Big Commitment and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


With his beautiful girlfriend Mandy!

Kevin and Many are a few of our really good friends. We get together for “family dinner” every so often and we all went to high school and Kevin went to college with me and my sister. Although these friends are a year younger than me, they’re still come of the coolest and most down to earth people I have met. Mandy actually has her own fashion blog at that link, and works for ModCloth! She wears some the coolest and unique clothes that I could never pull off!

I stole this from Mandy’s photos.

Kevin was actually kind of training for the Pittsburgh Marathon with me, but decided to switch to the half this year and come back and run a marathon in the next few years. But he’s no slacker! He’s done triathlon’s as well as half marathons! And he’s super smart with computer’s. Like way smart. I can’t even figure out how to autosum on Excel and this kid builds and designs websites! I’m so lucky to have such amazing friends!

So happy birthday Kevin, again! Go get some Zebra Cakes on my account! Winking smile

– – – – –

I also have some exciting news for  you all. Well maybe it’s more exciting for me than you, but I’m still going to share it anyways!

We bought our/my first flat screen TV last night!

Awesome picture of Rachel Ray this morning.

So yesterday we went to watch The Hunger Games (more on that later) after enjoying lunch at Red Robin! The day before I had sparked the idea in Mike’s head that we could possibly go look for a big TV for our living room because our little TV wasn’t cutting it, and if we were going to entertain people at anytime in the near future, I wanted something bigger and clearer.

Now I have never owned a flat screen. We don’t even have one at my Mom’s house. We we ended up buying a Samsung 46 inch LED TV that is Smart TV enabled. LED is supposed to be the newest technology as far as TV’s go and I have to say, the picture is quite amazing.

We actually searched 3 different stores and online before we walked into Target and found this one that was on clearance. It was obviously meant for us to buy, after searching for that long.

We also lucked out on finding a Smart TV. We decided when we bought our cable not to get the extended package which includes like HBO, Starz, Showtime, etc. because I have a subscription to Hulu + and Mike has a subscription to Netflicks. My parents and Mike’s parents both have subscriptions to HBO and Showtime, and they make apps for those for the iPad that we just use. So we attempted to save some money. Winking smile But our TV is so cool in that we can directly watch Hulu + and Netflicks on the TV through the wifi, rather than on the iPad. I’m serious, we lucked out on this one.

I was worried about the price, and whether or not we would  be able to afford it, but our mortgage company actually paid us money back for me being an employee of UPMC and some rewards program, and we’re both getting large tax returns here shortly. It also was meant to be when we got back to the electronic department and needed a cart and there was a randomly abandoned cart a few isles down.

The day then continued to give me signs that we were meant to buy this TV because when we went to Bruster’s for ice cream last night, they had GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION and I just about pee’s my pants. I was so excited I kept making little squealing noises every 5 seconds while in line. I got of course, a huge waffle cone but also…

photo (16)

Don’t tell Mike but I might go back tonight and get a second pint, since they don’t always have my all-time favorite flavor there. Seriously, if you haven’t tried this…you need to.

So anyways, we ended our day watching like 5 episodes of Big Bang on our giant TV. Smile I’m so happy!

– – – – –

And here are some updated pictures of the house…

Our family room with the new TV and new furniture.

Different angle.

Our beautiful kitchen.

One of my favorite parts of our house…the entry way.

Our bedroom.

Lookin’ pretty scarce. Hopefully we’re going to be getting a king size bed from someone Mike knows as well as some furniture, but for now, my old bed works just fine!

Our master bathroom!

With his and her’s sinks. SUPER IMPORTANT.

Our walk-in closet.

I apologize but this is still pretty messy. Mike needs a dresser to put all of his clothes away in, but at least we have a ton of space!

Half of our backyard.

So our backyard is a little different. We have a driveway that leads to a little flat surface under our deck and next to it, then a steep hill, and then a relatively flat area down below. The prior home-owners were genius in the face that they put stairs leading down to the flat part so that it’s still usable. Our entire yard actually totals 0.90 acres, so we have a lot of room and privacy, but a lot of that is woods behind the lower portion of our lot. Still, it is so nice to have nothing behind you, and our neighbors really don’t have good view to our backyard because of the way our houses are positioned on our street.

The other half of the lower yard.

We were actually kind of drawn to this because of the fact that we could have parties and have people on the upper level and then volleyball or other games on the lower levels. It’s a really neat and unique set-up!

– – – – –

So yesterday like I said, we saw The Hunger Games. I have read all of the series and Mike has read the first book and we both agreed on one thing: the movie was good, but it wasn’t exactly what we were expecting. Don’t get me wrong, it portrayed everything amazingly, but I still feel like something was missing. Like more of the background story? I don’t know. I loved the movie but was actually expecting a little bit more. Regardless, I still love the books and think they’re an amazing series.

And I’m sorry, but did anyone else who saw The Hunger Games see the preview for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?

I’m not going to lie, it looked awesome (because I’m obsessed with the Civil War) and I definitely need to check out this book STAT.

funny pictures - Lolcats: You s'pose to go "snap crackle pop"
Annnnd something that my sister and I would totally do.

– – – – –

Anyone else get really excited over new purchases like I do?! This TV was a huge purchase and it’s amazing that I finally own a flat screen!

5 thoughts on “Big Commitment and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!”

  1. Congrats on your new TV! I still have the same TV I bought to take to move into college in 2005 so I feel your excitement on buying something like a TV. Love the house pics too!

  2. Your house is coming along quite nicely! That TV sounds awesome!!! And Happy Birthday to Kevin!!! He and I are in the same boat with the marathon and switching to the half! I think I need to become better friends with you if Zebra cakes are involved 🙂

  3. Congrats on your flat screen!! And your house is really coming together, love the living room!

    I haven’t seen The Hunger Games yet but I really want to! And I’ve seen the previews for that Abraham Lincoln movie – rather interesting.

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