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House Excitement

Today is a rather boring day; I worked 12 hours yesterday in the ED, meaning that I don’t have much excitement to tell you about and I work today on the ambulance…therefore nothing exciting is partaking today! So I’m trying to find something entertaining to tell you all about.

I was supposed to run today, an easy 4-5 miles but I woke up around 9 to my alarm feeling super groggy and tired. So I went back to sleep until 10 and still felt groggy. I woke up and realized that I had to go to the bank and deposit some checks and open some new accounts, you know big people stuff that’s nice and lame. Afterwards I headed to the new house to pay the mortgage. Cha-Ching. Sad smile

So after having done all of that boring real world stuff, I came back home and ate some lunch. At that point, I was not feeling the run, especially knowing that I have to do 20 miles tomorrow. Honestly, I am not the type of person who believes in “junk” miles. Most of my training for this marathon I have complete 3 runs a week and still feel comfortable when doing the long runs. Two weeks ago I had a fabulous 18 mile run at around a 9:00 minute/mile pace. It was faster than I should have done but I felt amazing. Like I said before, for me…less is more. And when I’m working so much, it’s all I have time for. Winking smile

I also still have not picked a pace for the marathon. I think I’m going to start out at around 9:00 minutes/mile for the first 7-10 miles and then slowly pick up the pace after that. I know that from miles 18-26 will be painful, so I’d like to run conservatively and then if I’m feeling good pick it up. I have no specific goal because I was so thrilled with my last marathon last year at 3:57. Yes I would like to run faster eventually, but trying to get adjusted to working, running, buying a house, and planning a wedding has not been so conducive to my plans. Regardless, finishing a marathon is an accomplishment and I almost would like to just enjoy the experience again, and if I PR, awesome. If not, I STILL FINISHED A MARATHON!

– – – – –

Ok, enough ramblings. Let’s get to the nitty gritty. The entertaining aspect of this post. Let’s talk about all of the things I am SO excited to start doing in our new house.

1. Trying cooking and new recipes out.

I am not the best cook. Period. End of story. I however can cook a few things, but starting our life together I would like to be able to  experiment and expand my cooking as well as my recipes. Pinterest is THE best place for ideas, although I’m sure you all know this already! Winking smile

crispy oven baked parmesan garlic fries.
Parmesan potato chips!


Crab cakies!

2. Decorating our house for holidays.

This is the one I think I am most excited for. Halloween and fall especially. I love those holidays and I’m pretty sure our house will be perfect for decorating and making our own. We hope to eventually buy an electric fireplace and mantle for our living room so that we’ll have somewhere to have a mantle display.

Wreaths. Love this idea! May need to do it this year.
Spring time!

Lighted twigs!


Granted we don’t have much stuff to decorate or work with yet, but that will change I promise you! Winking smile

3. Having friends and family over for holidays.

I am so excited to finally have our own space to entertain and have people over to spend time with us. Cooking for holdays might be a little bit of a change, but I know that we can pull it off. And our floor plan is amazing for entertaining and lounging around for lots of people. I’m just excited for cozy and relaxed hang outs! Smile

4. Starting out real world lives together.

This house is the first big “fruit of our labors”. This is the first big purchase for the both of use (besides my car) and we’re doing it together (well technically have done it already). It was our favorite house and a little bit out of our price range, but we absolutely loved it and really couldn’t say no. I’m excited to actually spend more than 1 day a week with my other half, eventually get a puppy together, and strengthening our relationship by spending more time together, balancing finances, and making a house a home. It’s something I have dreamed about for years and it’s all finally coming true!

– – – – –

So that is my excitement about our new home. I literally cannot stop thinking about it, and in about 4 days, we’ll both be moved in and staying there together! I can’t wait!

But I have to head off to get ready for the afternoon shift!

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday, and am so glad to have you all back as readers! Smile

advice animals memes  - Animal Memes: Insanity Pup: Try Fixing That

Ahhhh! Husky! Hopefully our future dog!

3 thoughts on “House Excitement”

  1. That husky picture is crazy! I’ve seen a few of those memes on the internet though and they’re pretty funny.

    A 9:00 mile pace is super fast for that distance, you go girl! Sounds like you don’t need junk miles.

    I can’t wait until my husband and I move and buy a home so I can decorate and stuff. Obviously having an apartment I do this some already, but it’s not the same until it’s “your” space :).

  2. I’m still not over the house buying lol! That is so exciting. About about your marathon-I 100% agree. Not that I have run one, but I think that too many people worry about time for a marathon and just finishing one of those is amazing in itself!

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